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Why Support Native, National and Indigenous Missionaries- Online Articles

About National Missionaries

Adopt a Native Missionary

Advantages of Native Missions

Birth of a mission movement

Comparing the Cost between Indigenous Missionaries and Traditional Western-based Missionaries

Financial accountability critical in missions

How can I help sponsor a national missionary?

Indigenous Missionaries are Setting the Standard for Training

Missionary Sponsorship

National Missionary Partnership

National Missionaries

Native Missionaries

Send a trained missionary to an unreached village in Asia (Missionary Sponsorship)

Sending & Supporting Missionaries

Sponsor a Missionary

Sponsor [a native missionary]

Support a Native Missionary

Support an Indigenous Missionary

The Advantages [of sending and supporting indigenous or native missionaries]

What benefits do native missionaries possess?

Why donít indigenous churches support their own missionaries

WHY Indigenous Missionaries

Why Native Missions?

Why Should I Choose Sponsorship?

You and Your Church Can Support 50 Missionaries for the Cost of One

Will national missionary sponsorships cause national evangelists to depend on the West for support rather than local churches?

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