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Bible Histories for the Andes
The Word of God in Story Form in Spanish

Bible Storying
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International Mission Board Bible Storying Cloth
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International Mission Board Chronological Bible Storying Resources
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Bible Storying Resources
Tell The Story
Written by Wayne Patton
This IMB publication is compiled by the experts at the IMB. Oral communicators still compose 50% of the United States and other Western nations such as Canada, France and the United Kingdom. They are those who communicate primarily through oral narrative instead of reading or writing. Learn how to reach this population effectively with the gospel using this workbook including CD. This book can be purchased from the IMB
It can be purchased at

Christian Storytelling
Promotes storytelling in the Christian community. Includes membership options, an events calendar, instructor certification and newsletter.

Chronological Bible Storying
Chronological Bible Storying of the most exciting ways to teach, disciple and train a visual story bible to help you remember the events so you can tell the story Short Teaching Videos
..."the unfolding of His words give light, it gives understanding" Ps.119:130 activities
...because people learn by doing

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Chronological Bible Storytelling
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Chronical Bible Story Telling
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Chronological Bible Storying (CBS)
Chronological Bible Storying (CBS) is the process of encountering God by telling the stories of the Bible. In CBS, we tell Bible stories without interruption or comment and we tell them in the order that they happened in time. Afterward, we discuss each story and its significance for our lives. Each story builds on those that came before; as a result, the overarching message of the Bible becomes clear and we discover our own place in God’s story.
This site is designed to provide the CBS resources you need in order to introduce people to the Christian message or to help existing Christians grow in their spiritual lives. The same basic process can be used to start new small groups or to plant churches.

Chronological Bible Storying to Tribal and Nomadic Peoples
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Discover the Art of Bible Storying...
For thousands of years, stories were the key means for Jewish and Christian people to learn and experience God. Echo desires to recapture this sacred art of biblical storytelling, inspiring new generations to find themselves in God's Story.

Echo uses a process called Storying (short for Chronological Bible Storying) - a sequential telling of Bible stories followed by a time of review and dialogue. Derived from the ancient Hebrew way of learning through careful observation and discussion, Storying was rediscovered a few decades ago by missionaries who are now using this method extensively around the world. Recently, Storying is also proving to be effective with youth and adults in our media-literate, story-oriented North American context.

Following Jesus- Making Disciples of Oral Learners

Bible stories should be used with those who can’t, won’t, or don’t read. Educational attainment is a strong indicator for using a Chronological Bible Storying methodology. Crafting and telling a series of Bible stories sequentially is important. The Following Jesus series is more than 400 storying sessions. It is also important to know the world view of the people and select the best stories that identify barriers to the gospel or those things in the culture that reinforce some bridges to accepting the Bible truths in the stories. Teaching pictures, flannel graph, chalk talks, and wall murals depicting Bible scenes illustrate events or elements within a story that would be difficult to understand. In an evangelism context, good storytellers, pictures, and especially artists, attract and hold the attention of those whom God is drawing to Him. Colors, left-to-right orientation, fonts, and other elements used in illustrations and pictures must be understood or an incorrect nonverbal message may be communicated.

The Glory Story
website to buy products in the United Kingdom
Chronological Bible Story: Using one sheet of notes and The Glory Story Old Testament DVD a person with no bible understanding can teach the whole of the Old Testament in just 2 hours. In a similar manner the New Testament can be taught in just 1 hour. Glory Story products are being translated into many languages the world over; by Wycliffe and other mission organisations it is our our vision to translate chronological Bible products into over 5,000 of the world’s 6,912 known languages.

International Orality Network Organizations making God’s Word available to oral learners in culturally appropriate ways that enable church planting movements everywhere.

International Storytelling Center -Secular Site
Storytelling is the number one means of communicating anything! According to the International Storytelling Center, there are six stories you need to learn how to tell: who I am stories, why I am here stories, my vision story, teaching stories, values in action stories, and "I know what you are thinking" stories:

Network of Biblical Storytellers International

One Story Partnership
The majority of the world’s unreached people groups are made up of oral-preference learners, who often have no written language of their own. In order to reach them, OneStory works with mother-tongue speakers to develop and record worldview-sensitive, chronological Bible “story sets” for each specific group — typically 40 to 60 stories in a two-year period. Mother-tongue speakers spread the stories to others. These story sets form the beginnings of an “oral Bible” to be told and retold for generations.
Five organizations, including Wycliffe International, Campus Crusade for Christ, International Mission Board, Youth With A Mission, and Trans World Radio have joined together to create a two-year program called OneStory Quest. Together we are working on new strategies and providing resources to reach the remaining Bibleless peoples.

One Story in Spanish

Oral Bible

Making Disciples of Oral Learners
Seventy Percent of the world's population does not read, or prefers to communicate orally. Today, between one and three billion people receive information primarily orally or visually and not by reading.

Orality Strategies
Our passion is to provide you with resources that help you communicate God’s truth to those who learn best by oral means.

Orville Jenkins Thoughts and Resources on Orality and Literacy
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Scriptures in Use
Scriptures In Use (SIU) exists to provide church planters in-country training opportunities to reach the unreached in those oral cultures! We guide and mentor each church planter to develop a grass roots church planting ministry through simple Bible storytelling and other traditional oral communication media.

Story For All

Bible Storying Resource Wants to Help You
Please tell story4all about your storying work, training or events and your ministry could receive a highlight on the story4all pod cast, with events listed in the web site "Calendar". story4all is here to help those who want to learn more about Bible storying, oral strategies, those who want to make disciples of oral learners, as well as to facilitate networking between agencies and individuals and vice versa. Check out the story4all web site and pod cast, and contact story4all by visiting:
Have you heard the story4all pod cast yet? Cut & paste this URL into your "pod catching" software to freely subscribe to the weekly show:

New Resource on Bible Storying Among Oral Learners
Check out the story4all pod cast and web site! "story4all" produces a free weekly 20 minute program of stories, discussion and interviews from the field about how Bible storytelling is changing nations and aiding church planting movements to occur in places once termed "hard". 4 billion people in our world are oral learners (those who can't, won't or don't read) and they need to hear the Gospel that is proclaimed. story4all is a weekly pod cast (Internet show) and web site with resources to help you whether you are working in remote fields, are in training or training others to go, or, whether you just know there's more to sharing God's Story. Explore and find more details at:

StoryRunners is a mission of Campus Crusade for Christ to unreached people groups founded in 2003. We will not rest until every people group in the world has access to God’s word in their own language, and we will do it by creating StoryBibles. StoryRunners partners with churches, organizations and individuals like you to plant churches through the StoryBible Strategy. We currently have more than 140 projects in 40 of the most difficult countries in the world. Our staff members have over 200 years of combined field mission experience, and we work with many partners and volunteers.

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Storytelling Manual
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Storytelling Testimonies
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Storytelling Workshop
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Tell the Story: A Primer on Chronological Storying study book w/ CD

"Telling God's Stories" and "Multiplying Storytellers" DVD

Here's the perfect way to get started with biblical storytelling: two great DVD workshops. Paul & Teresa have trained more than fifty biblical storytellers in Asia. Now they share their insights in these professionally produced DVDs, "Telling God's Stories," and "Multiplying Storytellers." Each 55 minutes long, these DVDs are chocked full of excellent tips on how to become an effective biblical storyteller and how to train others to tell God's stories. Only $24.95 for the set of two. Check it out at

Telling God's Stories
Testimony from local storyteller
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Visual Story Bible
Bible Quilt Square Patterns

Visual Story Bible Ministries, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable and biblical educational purposes and more specifically for the organization and promotion and management of an international worldwide teaching ministry. This ministry will include, but is not limited to: chronological bible storytelling, media enhanced biblical education, biblical art media projects, and other related biblical educational projects; the establishment and promotion of bible teaching through seminars, workshops, conferences, presentations, bible storytelling, bible quilts, quilting projects and quilting exhibits, biblical drama, fabric projects and promotions, interactive learning, videos, DVDs, cable TV, satellite TV, internet, websites and other avenues to persuade men, women, teenagers and children to enter and continue in an ongoing relationship with the One and only living and true God, who is the Creator, Redeemer and King of the Universe.

Wayne and Ellen Patton
Bible Storying Workshop

Web Evangelism Story Telling- Embedded Gospel Truth
Story-telling is an essential means of evangelism:

What is Chronological Bible Storying?

Why Should I consider Using Biblical Storytelling?
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Why start with Creation and then proceed chronologically when teaching the Gospel?
online article

Why teach the Bible chronologically? What resources do you recommend?
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YWAM One Story
The OneStory Quest program is a two-year adventure in extreme evangelism. The goal of the OneStory quest is to create a Bible Story Set, a set of 25 - 40 Chronological Bible Stories that communicate the heart of the Gospel to those who have never heard the name of Jesus.

OneStory Quest is an opportunity for adventure and achievement. You don't even need any previous translation experience or linguistic training. You will be part of a small dynamic team that will travel in some of the most remote and rugged places on earth, utilizing up-to-date equipment to create a Bible Story Set for an unreached people group. In approximately two years, you can produce a tool that will present Jesus to those who would otherwise have no opportunity to learn of Him. This Bible Story Set will be a legacy that will remain long after your adventure is complete.

The Power of a Story
Last weekend we went to a local festival run by our city council, which included a storytelling tent. The stories were gripping and memorable and I will probably be able to recount them in a year's time. Yet I'm afraid the content of last Sunday morning's sermon largely escapes me already. This, of course, is why Jesus used the mode of storytelling almost exclusively in evangelism when not speaking in the synagogue. Why don't we?
We are hard-wired to receive and understand messages transmitted within story, and remarkably can visualize an imaginary world almost as soon as we learn to speak. Usually only bookish well-educated people find it easy to receive, understand, and remember propositional abstract truths.
Storytelling is in fact quite a hobby, with regular club meetings. There are Christian clubs too, though consider whether you should stay in the ghetto! If you get the chance to learn storytelling, take it!
"Analytic, abstract thinking is ideal for reporting the regular, the expected, the normal, the ordinary, the unsurprising, the mundane, the things we often take so much for granted that we are hardly conscious that we know them at all. By contrast, narrative thinking, encapsulated in stories and storytelling, is ideally suited to discussing the exceptional," says storytelling expert Jerome Burner.

Good story-telling links:

Story-telling from a Christian viewpoint:

Any testimony should use good storytelling/journalism techniques to make it both memorable and accessible:

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