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Using a Spiritual Survey for Evangelism

7 Steps to Creating a Spiritual Survey
By Jennifer Abegg
This article contains guidelines on how to create questionnaires for surveys which could help introduce Christ to others.

Community Religious Survey
The sample of the survey on this page was developed to help you in your door-to-door evangelism. The questions are designed to find out the spiritual needs of people and why they may be negative to Christianity. This survey will also help your local church understand the spiritual needs of your congregation and the local community, and how to serve them better.

Crupress Presents: Using Surveys in Evangelism
Spiritual interest surveys have been around Cru for decades. Ben Rivera describes how these old-school evangelism tools can still be used in a relevant, effective manner.

Door to Door Survey: What Do People Believe?
You can download Living Waters’ survey form (PDF) for free here on this page. You can use this survey for your door-to-door evangelism.

Door-to-Door Surveys
NAMB has released a comprehensive guide on how to conduct door-to-door surveys. Surveys like this one is a wonderful tool to discover prospects and to engage persons in a spiritual dialogue resulting in professions of faith in Christ. The survey guide in PDF can be downloaded for free on this page.

Witnessing Tool: Survey Form
Hearts for the Lost has developed a survey form to help you with witnessing. The questions will guide you through a biblical presentation of the law and gospel. You can download and print out this witnessing survey questions from their website for free.

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