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Spanish Christian Bible Lessons, Books, Correspondence Courses, Evangelism Training and Church Planting Materials Online

Bible Lessons
Spanish Bible lessons are offered by the Mailbox Club.

CLIE Digital
CLIE Digital offers free books. They come in PDF format and can be shared freely.

Como preparame como lider

David & Jonathan
David & Jonathan offers free Bible-based correspondence program in Spanish language.

Definicion de ujier = siervo

El ABC de la Educacion sobre el Presupuesto de la iglesia, la Promocion y la Mayordomia

El autentico liderazgo servidor

El Pionero

El Seguimiento Conservando: Los Frutos Del Evangelismo

El Evangelismo Personal

El Evangelismo: Un Estilo De Vida

¿Es Razonable La Fe Cristiana?

Escuela de Evangelismo
Spanish Christian books are available on this site.

Fruit That Remains Spanish

Hermeneutica: Interpretacion eficaz hoy

Id Predicad
Free correspondence online course in Spanish.

Iglesia Cristiana Internacional, Inc.
Downloadable Spanish resources are available on this site. There are sermons, courses, and more.

ISWDI Directors Guide Spanish

ISWDI Syllabus Spanish

ISWDI Trainees Guide Spanish

La Necesidad Del Momento

La Osa Mayor

Manuel de Entrenamiento Para Lideres de Grupos Pequenos

Manual De Evangelismo
This manual will give you everything you need to successfully lead any conversation when you testify.

Manual de Los ujieres

Manual para Entrenadores de Evangelismo Pionero

Manual Practico De Evangelismo

Manual de ujieres

Nacido Para Multiplicarse

Pablo-Timoteo (Paul-Timothy)
Pablo-Timoteo (Paul-Timothy) has many free materials in church planting. Resources are made available in Spanish language.

Personal Evangelism resources
Personal evangelism resources available on this site are Nacido para Multiplicarse and La Necesidad del Momento. These are PDF materials you can download for free.

Politica Y Academia Escriturales

Recursos Gratuitos para el Discipulado
This site contains free Spanish resources for discipleship.

Recursos Gratuitos para el Evangelismo
This site contains free Spanish resources for evangelism.

Sermones - Evangelismo Biblico
You can find a series of sermons in Spanish language. The sermons are in PDF and mp3 formats.

Taller de orden y servicio II

Taller para Ujieres

The Jerusalem Factor Spanish

Website links that have evangelism resources

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