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Soul Winners New Testament- Where to Buy

Classic Soul-Winners New Testament English
The Classic Soul Winners New Testament by Anchor Bible Concepts is thin and small with easy-to-read words, and covered in genuine bonded leather. It has helps included in the back to assist in your obedience to our Lord's commands to lead others to Christ.

New Testament Soul Winners' Book
This New Testament Bible is great to use during soul-winning.

Soul Winner's New Testament: King James Version
This hand New Testament provides encouragement and a proven evangelism system to equip Christians who wish to share their faith. Key segments of Dr. Clift Brannon's notes explain the steps to salvation, how to lead a friend to Christ, and the importance of baptism and prayer.

Soul Winning New Testament
This NT is very light and handy. It is small and can fit in coat pocket or purse but it has large print texts so it can be read easily. Important verses are marked in yellow and there's a unique code system designed to meet excuses.

Special EE Leather New Testament (NKJV)
This EE New Testament comes in an attractive burgundy leather cover with gold lettering. In addition to Psalms and Proverbs, the EE New Testament offers several biblical helps: the EE Gospel Tract, Do You Know?, The history of EE, The EE Gospel Outline, An expanded EE Gospel Presentation by Dr. D. James Kennedy, God's Answers for Man's Excuses (answers to common objections).

The Soul Winners New Testament (David Wood Ministries)
This New Testament (KJV) and Soul Winning Reference Guide takes the reader through all the steps of winning friends and family to Christ. The reference section will help guide Christians in their Soul Winning efforts. It includes step-by-step plans, references to the Bible, keys to Soul Winning, and many more developmental tools.

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