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Solar Powered Radios

These radios may be used by people around the world who want to listen to Christian radio stations who do not have electricity or do not want to buy batteries.

ETON American Red Cross Solarlink FR600 Emergency Radio
The American Red Cross Solarlink FR600 Emergency Radio is a self-powered Digital AM/FM/SW/NOAA, S.A.M.E. weather radio with flashlight, siren, solar power and Cell Phone charger. Buy this device at J&R Online Store, Red Cross Online Store or Eton Online Store.

Eton Microlink FR160
Eton Microlink FR160 is a hand-cranked, solar-powered emergency radio. It has a built-in solar panel that conveniently powers the radio and recharges its battery pack. This is very useful especially for missionaries and evangelists assigned in areas where there electricity is impossible. You can buy this solar-powered radio devide at Crutchfield Online Store or Eton Online Store.

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Rei Online Store sells Eton solar powered radio devices. These devices are great for missionary use particularly in areas where electricity is scarce or absent. You can also buy Eton solar devices at the Eton Online store.

Eton Solarlink FR600
Eton Solarlink FR600 is an emergency radio. It has AM and FM stations, as well as shortwve broadcasts from around the world. This device also receives weather bands. Buy this device at Crutchfield Online Store or Eton Online Store.

Galcom International
Galcom International partners with individuals, churches and Christian ministries to share the Gospel through technology. Their ministry focuses on low powered broadcasting, which can run completely off of solar or wind generated power. Galcom International also produces fix-tuned radios, solar powered fix tuned radios, and Megavoice (provides a solar powered, digital audio Bible and player).

HCJB Global
Reaching the world by radio is one of the first ministries of HCJB Global. HCJB Global not only ministers through their radio broadcasting network but they also develop solar-powered radios for use in evangelism and mission. They also provide affordable, quality equipment as transmitters, antennas and broadcast automation systems.

Kaito Electronics Inc. KA888 Solar/Dynamo Emergency Radio with Flashlight
The Kaito KA888 is one of the most versatile emergency radio. The KA888 packs in a multi-band AM/FM/SW emergency radio, a bright flashlight, a compass, a thermometer, an Audible emergency notification siren and a clock with alarm. All these features can be operated indefinitely without external power thanks to the self-contained dynamo crank and solar charging panels. Furthermore, it can be used with 3 AA Batteries allowing you to play the radio the old fashioned way or plugged in an electrical outlet with the included power adapter.

Lifeline Energy (former Freeplay Foundation)
Lifeline Energy provides renewable energy alternatives to those most in need. This includes sustainable access to information and education, as well as lights and solar energy.

solar power audio Bible called the Envoy

OMS International
OMS International is in partner with Radio 4VEH in proclaiming the Gospel in Haiti. One of their projects is the distribution of sun powered radios fix-tuned to Radio 4VEH so Haitians can listen to the good news.

Radio 4VEH
Radio 4VEH is the Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, reaching up to one million listeners across Haiti every day with the Good News of Jesus from its broadcasting center outside Cap-Ha´tien. Each day, Radio 4VEH broadcasts 24 hours of inspirational and informative programs including Bible teaching, worship, news, school and vocational educational, and family and community-focused programs. Radio 4VEH is also giving out more than 50,000 solar-powered radios in rural areas where people have little or no electricity.

Resounding Hope
Resounding Hope provides families in Haiti with solar radios tuned to Christian Radio 4VEH. Over 60,000 solar-powered radios, fix-tuned to Radio 4VEH has been distributed. Each year, starting this year, Resounding Hope targets to distributes more than 40,000 solar-powered radios. You can be part of this ministry. Find out how on their website.

SonSet Radios on the Move!
SonSet Radios are solar-powered radios distributed by HCJB Global Technology Center. They have completed thousands of it for the stations in mission areas like Ghana, Sierra Leone and the stations in Burkina Faso. The SonSet radio is a great tool for church-planting and evangelism. Read more about this article on the website link provided.

SonSet Radios
Sonset Radios are fixed-tuned solar powered radios HCJB Global distributes globally, particularly to poor areas, to proclaim the Gospel. Read more about this device at HCJB Global website.

When Missionaries Get Geeky
Read in this article how missionaries get innovative and creative so they can faithfully fulfill their mission of spreading the Word of God. Read how they have been using solar power to operate radios that would enable Bible readings in places where such a practice was either difficult or outright illegal.

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