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The Dangers of Facebook and Social Networking

Dangers of Facebook
This website contains articles that present the negative side of using Facebook . There are over 130 articles of interesting topics and reads.

EyeGuardian offers a technology, ImageWatch, that helps protect your children from the dangers of using Facebook and other websites on the internet. For more information about ImageWatch, please visit EyeGuardian's website.

Facebook and Your Marriage [Paperback]
By Jason and Kelly Krafsky
Facebook and Your Marriage is a guide for married people who want to know the best ways to use Facebook and not put their marriage at risk. It is full of answers, tips, and insights for how to use Facebook, protect your marriage, enhance your relationship, and deal with the many issues and situations that can come up on the world's most popular online social network.
This blog site features real stories about marriages, relationships and homes that social networking (Facebook) destroyed.

Facebook Dangers (Article)
This article presents the dangers of using Facebook and other social networking websites. You can also read tips on how you can best protect your self from using social networking websites like Facebook.

Social Networking: 100 Days to See Where God Fits In!
From 100 Teen Devos Series

Network problems? Maybe it's time to refresh your connection with God. Today, you can have thousands of friends on Facebook and get tweets every minute, but where does God fit into your busy social life? The 100 readings in this devotional will help you connect every day with your Creator.
Read blog articles related to Facebook and other social media sites at This blog site focuses on where technology and marriages converge. Stay on the cutting edge of all things technology and relationships. News, opinions, tools, and resources to help couples, parents and singles strike a balance with their "techlationships."

The Social Couple (K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky)
Jason and Kelli Krafsky have a passion to empower people with common sense and healthy boundaries for marriages, families and relationships in this social media age. Active Facebookers since early 2008 and inspired by the trial and error lessons they learned from their own Facebook experience, the Krafskys wrote the FIRST BOOK on how social media affects marriages (Facebook and Your Marriage) and many popular blog articles on Facebook-related relationship issues.

Unfriend Yourself: Three Days to Detox, Discern, and Decide About Social Media (eBook)
By Kyle Tennant

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