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Sketchboard Evangelism Training and Resources

Sketchboard evangelism is a good way to share the gospel outdoors in front of crowd of people.

Open Air Resources
Part of our mission is equipping the church for the work of evangelism, and one of the ways that we fulfill that mission is by sharing with other evangelists the tools, techniques, and resources that we find helpful. Many of these resources are freely downloadable, such as the message outlines for evangelistic preaching and some of the training materials. Others are physical tools, such as paints and paintbrushes for creating our trademark "sketchboard sermons." If you want a sketchboard of your own, we have plans for building several types and sizes, or you can order from us a kit or a fully pre-built sketchboard. We have sketchboard message outlines, board kit assembly instructions and video, equipment and supplies, kids messages, and sketchboard evangelism training.

Sketchboard Kit assembly instructions
On this site, you can download board kit assembly instructions and view board kit assembly video. The instructions and video are prepared by Open Air Campaigners.

Sketchboard Evangelism Training (SET) (USA) (Baltimore-Washington)
Open Air Campaigners offers a one-week Sketchboard Evangelism Training (SET) each year that individuals or groups may attend. Interested churches or groups can also contact them about arranging a training program for them in the form of a customized one-day or multi-day training. Open Air Campaigners also creates “sketchboard sermons.” You can order from them a kit or a fully pre-built sketchboard.

Sketchboard/Open Air message outlines
Open Air Campaigners offer free Gospel message outlines for open air evangelism use. Topics include: general evangelistic messages, Christmas messages, creation to Christ lessons, and introductory messages. There are also outlines available in Japanese and Chinese languages.

Sketchboard/Open Air message outlines in Spanish
Free Gospel message outlines in Spanish language are available on this website.

Open Air Campaigners (USA) (Canada) (International) (Ottawa) (Facebook Fan Page)
Open Air Campaigners is an evangelistic ministry of preaching the Gospel to lost people and mobilizing the body of Christ, primarily through effective open-air outreach. They provide training and service opportunities in evangelistic ministry for individuals, churches, and organizations.

Evangelism 101 – How to do a paint board video
Here is a video explaining how to set up a paint board for evangelistic use.

Grassroots runs many courses in sketchboard evangelism. Their team is available for booking so they can discuss the various ways of how they do Sketchboard Evangelism. Also, Grassroots has access to a number of sketchboard scripts, and they sell evangelistic leaflets for use during sketch board outreach.

Open Air and Sketchboard supplies
You can order sketchboard supplies on the above website link. The order form can be downloaded. You can also request Open Air Campaigners for custom-built items to fit your specific open-air needs. The links are also indicated on the same website.

Setting Up Your Sketchboard video
Miss Karen of Open Air Campaigners demonstrates how to set up your sketchboard to conduct creative, effective open air evangelism using paints and brushes.

Sketchboard videos (Blog of Dan) (Google search) (Wicked Gate Projects) (Porto, Portugal Sketchboard Evangelism) (Open Air Preaching: West Virginia University) (Christian Gospel on sketchboard) (Ken – doing sketchboard evangelism) (Sketchboard evangelism Manitou Springs 5/27/2011) (Sketchboard Evangelism Training – Ministry Videos)
Watch how open-air evangelists share the Word of God by using a sketchboard. The links will take you to different websites/blog sites with videos about Sketchboard Evangelism.

Sketchboard – You ARE Mine video
This is a story told with the help of the 3 rope trick and a sketchboard. It is told to encourage those who are far from home to know that if they belong to the one who said “You ARE Mine” they are Home wherever they are.

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