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Evangelistic Sewing Centers


In many parts of Asia, a stitch in time can save souls.

Asian women are a difficult target for native missionaries. Wives are often kept isolated by their spouses, with their time devoted to family and household tasks.

With the establishment of evangelistic sewing centers, Christian ladies are able to provide a haven for women from different religions with an informal atmosphere where they can feel accepted. As they learn sewing skills, their work earns income for their families, allowing economic improvements and boosting their self worth.

Most importantly, each workday is begun with prayer and a scripture reading. Instructors teach sewing skills as they share the gospel and establish relationships with the women who attend. One new believer explained that "When I attended the sewing center in my village, I learned for the first time that there is a living God who loves me. He touched my heart ...."

Indigenous ministries throughout Asia supported by Christian Aid are seeing God transform the lives of hundreds of destitute women through evangelistic sewing centers. The centers provide an informal setting for missionaries to build relationships of trust with the women and ultimately share the gospel with them. Women leave the center changed, knowing the truth about a God who loves them, as well as a mastery of skills they can use to help earn income for their families.

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