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Russian Christian Resources: Bibles, Books, Tracts, Dvds, Audio and More

A Question of Origins (DVD)
A Question of Origins is a 60-minute documentary film about the scientific evidence for special creation as opposed to evolution. The DVD of A Question of Origins is multilingual, and contains translations in Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Serbian and Slovakian.

Association for Spiritual Revival
Association for Spiritual Revival is an international mission that aims to provide educate Christian leaders in Russian, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries. They also publish literature and do charitable, spiritual and educational activities with Russian children, young people, and adults.
I think they have a large Christian bookstore in Moscow and the Ukraine.

American Scripture Gift Mission
American Scripture Gift Mission distributes Bible literature in countries where Bible is scarcely available. If you want to order for their items please visit their website. If you want to order from other countries, SGM Lifewords is located in a few different countries including England.

ATS Crossway
ATS Crossway offers tracts, books and Bibles and New Testaments. Their resources are available in different languages including Russian. There is a tract in Russian called God So Loved.

AMMI Ministry
This website publishes materials for Jewish inquirers who would like to investigate what Moses and the Prophets have to say about the Messiah. It also has materials for Christians who wish to learn more about Jewish feasts and customs, biblical prophecy, and sharing the Gospel with Jewish friends. There are Russian tracts and books on this website.

Answer to Moscow's Bible
By Richard Wurmbrand
This book is a must-read especially if you seek to understand the ideology behind Russia. You can get this book at or

AWANA International - Russia
AWANA is also reaching out to the children in Russia. At present, more than 3,800 children participate weekly in AWANA Ministry. For more information, please visit their website.

Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN)
Listen to Russian Christian programs on the radio at BBN. BBN also offers online Bible studies in Russian at the link above..

Bible For All
The Bible For All is a Russian Christian organization which mission is to impart the knowledge of the Scriptures to everyone particularly those who live in Russia. They conduct trainings to professionals like teachers, nurses, engineers, etc. so they can teach Bible lessons in schools, hospitals, offices, neighborhood, etc. Bible For All also gives away free Bibles.
website is in Russian

Bible Mission International
The BMI team consists of Russians, Germans, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Americans and more. Their mission is spread the Gospel in the former Soviet Union. Their projects include construction of prayer houses, distributing discipleship literature, doing social and humanitarian works, and many more.

The Bible Society in Russia
The American Bible Society not only publishes English Bibles but also Bibles in other languages including Russian.

Bibles for the Blind
Bibles for the Blind helps those visually impaired to find a Bible in Braille and in their own language. There are also Christian resources in Braille on this website.

Bible Training Center for Pastors in Penza, Russia
The BTCP provides trans-denominational basic Bible training for national pastors which will adequately and effectively equip them with the necessary knowledge and practical skills for the work of local church ministry. The BTCP is holding trainings in many countries including Russian. At present, the BTCP program is taught in 16 cities and regions in Russia.

Campus Crusade
Campus Crusade has materials in Russian. Visit their online store and type “Russian” on the search engine to list down available materials or resources in Russian language.

Center for Apologetics Research
CFAR is the oldest and largest evangelical countercult ministry in Russia. On their website, you will find a large and updated analytical materials, essays and multimedia presentations analyzing the teachings of modern cults, aberrational movements and world religions from the standpoint of historic Christianity.

Chick Publications
Chick Publications is the maker and publisher of cartoon Christian tracts. They have tracts in English and other languages including Russian. Visit their website for available Russian Christian cartoon tracts.

Child Evangelism Fellowship Russia
The Society of Children's Evangelism is an international non-denominational evangelical Christian mission. They evangelize to children who have never heard the Good News of salvation. They are operating in 151 countries worldwide including Russia.

Christian Russian Videos
The World Christian Video/DVD Directory has a list of DVDs and videos in around 1000 languages. There are thousands of titles of Christian DVDs from around the world and are listed with a description and where to buy them. has a large selection of Christian movies and family friendly movies in English and other languages. To search for Russian movies, type “Russian” on the search engine.

Compass Braille
Compass Braille transcribes and produces Braille Bibles, books and booklets in multiple languages including Russian.

Emmanuel Light Radio
Emmanuel Light Radio brings Christian radio programs in Russian language. Their ministries include: Listeners Club, serving the elderly and lonely, providing prayer support, and the ministry of daily bread.

Encyclopedia of Religious Life in Russia Today: A Landmark Research Project
This book summarizes the results of a unique Keston survey of religious life in 78 of the Russian Federation's 89 regions. It shows a remarkable diversity of faith and practice and conclusions.
You can search for Russian recordings on this website.

Gospel of John
The Gospel of John is one of the most popular books of the Bible for evangelism. You can get the book at Living Water website for free or for a low price. It has been published in the English, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and French.

Harris Books on Russia
Peterburgers is an accurate and hilarious account of life in St. Petersburg. This funny book contains plenty of cultural insight about Russia and a must-read book for those who are going to Russia (missionaries).

Institute of Strategic Languages and Cultures
The ISLC provides Christian workers with essential training for complex cultures. You can learn Russian or Chinese in one of their year-round or summer language programs.

InterComm produces Christian films, videos and filmstrips in 40 languages including Russian. These videos and films can be used by missionaries and mission organizations in reaching international communities with the Gospel.

Jesus Film (Russian)
The Jesus film, The Jesus film for Children and Magdalena dvd is in Russian language and is available at the Jesus Film Store. is one of the most popular Christian websites. This site provides many Christian online services to the Russian Christians. You can also download for free the Russian Bible research tool called BibleQuote.

Jewish Messianic Website in Russian
Russian Jews and non-Jews can read about Messianic Judaism and Jewish Roots of Christianity on this website. The website is in Russian language but can also be viewed in English language.
You can find Russian Christian books on this website. Search for the titles of Russian books under Translations >> Available languages >> Russian

Joshua Project
The Joshua Project is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups with the least followers of Jesus Christ. If you need information and other ministry resources about Russia, you can visit the Joshua Project website.

Lutheran Braille Workers
Russian Luke, John, Acts, Christian Literature, Russian Children’s Bible in Braille

Mars Hill Productions
Mars Hill Productions produces films and videos that are used to introduce thousands of people to Jesus Christ, and to motivate thousands more to share their faith in Christ with others. Visit their online store for the list of their film. Their films are available in English and other languages including Russian.

Mission Consulting Group
The Mission Consulting Group has released their research reports about Russia. This research can help missionaries and mission organizations that are planning to go to Russia for mission trips.

Multi-Language Media
Multi-Language Media has an online catalog that contains Scriptures in over 80 languages including Russian. They have Christian books in 45 languages, tracts, Bible-based ESL materials, the Jesus DVD in over 1100 languages, plus Russian Christian DVDs.

New Life Radio
New Life Radio is a media resource to share the Gospel in Russia and worldwide via satellite radio, FM, and Internet broadcasting. You can visit their website to tune in to New Life Radio programs.

No Frontiers
No Frontiers supplies Scriptures and Christian literature in a wide range of foreign languages including Russian. They supply Bibles and books. Use their search engine to look for Russian books and Bibles; type “Russian.” You can also use the pull down menu for languages and select Russian.

Russian Bible Society
The Russian Bible Society translates and distributes Bibles in Russia. Visit their website for the different Bible versions they are printing. You can buy Bibles from their online store.

Russian Bookstore
You can find various Russian Christian books on this website. There are Bibles, books, music, DVDs, children's literature, hymnals, and gift items.

Russian Children's Bible
You can buy the hardback millennial edition of the classic Russian Children's Bible on this website. The Bible is updated with contemporary and simplified language, and full color illustrations, including an appendix of maps and photos of biblical sites.

Russian Christian Publishing, Inc.
Russian Christian Publishing, Inc. is a retailer of Russian Christian books. The titles of the books they sell come from a number of publishers in various countries and could be characterized as being conservative evangelical in content. Aside from Russian, they also have books in Ukrainian, Romanian and Georgian.

Russian Christian Videos
This site offers a list of Christian videos that are in Russian language.

Russian Language at Institute of Strategic Languages and Cultures (ISLC)
The ISLC provides Christian workers with training for complex cultures. You can learn Russian in one of their year-round or summer language programs.

Russian Language Studies at Columbia International University
CIU is offering Russian language courses. Visit their website for more information.

Russian Ministries
Russian Ministries partners with other ministries, Christian organization, and churches to train and equip next generation Christian leaders. They help people in Russia and all of the former Soviet Union to grow and reach deep into their communities.

Russian Resources at World Christian Resource Directory
You can search for Russian Christian websites on this page. Many of the links are old.

Sammy Tippit Ministries
Sammmy Tippit Ministries has produced Praying For Your Family to address the problems the world is changing at present. The website has been made available in different languages to cater to the needs of every Christian from any nationality. Search the website for articles and blogs about Russian Christianity. You can put the word Russian in the search engine.

SGM Lifewords
This place sells booklets and publications in Russian. They are in the USA and England and Australia and possibly other countries.

Slavic Gospel Association
Slavic Gospel Association helps evangelical churches in Soviet countries to make disciples of the people of the lands of Russia through prayer, strategic ministry and financial assistance. Their ministries are listed on their website. Please see their Resources link on the website regarding videos, radio, bookstore, maps, conferences, publications, church resources, and church planting.

Story of Jesus for Children
The Story of Jesus for Children is a video/DVD which will give every child, both churched and unchurched, a chance to see and hear the gospel of Jesus in a way he/she can understand. This video is available in many languages including Russian.

The Most Important Story Ever Told
It is a 32 page animated comic presentation of God's plan of salvation in 118 languages including Russian. It begins in Genesis and ends in the book of Revelation.

Train & Multiply (T&M)
T&M is a method of training potential Christian leaders using a set of 63 booklets and a Student Activity Guide which are biblical, economical, practical, field-tested, and applicable in both city and rural areas. Some of their materials are in Russian.

Wordless Book
The Wordless Book is the very effective five-color gospel booklet that explains the message of salvation in a unique way so that anyone can understand it. The Wordless Book is packaged with written tracts that are available in different languages including Russian.
This website will help you to find Bibles, New Testaments, online Bibles, audio and many other materials in Russian.

World Bible Finder
This website is an information site not a retail site. It will help you find Bibles and New Testaments in many languages.

World Christian Tractfinder
Please put Russian in the search engine or click the Languages link on the home page.
After you click Languages, please click R and then click on the Russian link to find tract titles in Russian. If you click on the titles, it will show you where to buy them.

World Missionary Press, Inc.
This website has tracts and booklets in many languages including Russian. Their resources are excellent and inexpensive evangelical tools you can use anywhere and anytime. Please see their catalog for these Russian tracts and booklets.

World Wide Printing and Publishing
World Wide Printing and Publishing specializes in medium to long runs on hardback and perfect bound books. They have printed literature for over 140 Christian organizations including over 4 million Bibles, 20 million New Testaments, and over 150 million other books, booklets, tracts, catalogs, brochures and mailings.

Your Story Hour
Your Story Hour speaks to children around the world as well as those around the corner. Their programs are available in English, Spanish and Russian languages.

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