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Kindergarten through High School Release Time Bible Education Information

Bible Education @ Released Time
This website focuses mainly about Released Time Bible Education. You can find the laws and guidelines for each state that advocates Released Time Bible Education. You can also read documents and articles relevant to Released Time Bible Education on this website.

California Release Time Christian Education
California Released Time Christian Education is an association of Released Time Ministries in the state. The Association is dedicated to providing those in leadership or those interested in starting Released Time programs with resources and answers to questions via phone, email and in person. California Released Time Christian Education provides a network of help and support for individual programs in the state. The state organization also offers training opportunities for directors and teachers at annual State Conferences in addition to biannual Regional Meetings.

Children’s Bible Ministries
Children's Bible Ministries reaches out the children through released time classes and holding children's camps. Their goal is to reach the children for Jesus Christ and to minister to them through adulthood. Their ministry is referred to as the ministry of the 3 C's: Classes, Correspondence lessons, and Camp.

How do you begin a release time program? Where do you start?
This question is answered in this article. It contains steps on how to begin a release time program.

Kentucky Released Time Bible Education Association
Kentucky Released Time Bible Education Association, Inc. is a Christian, non-denominational, non-profit organization. Their purpose is to provide and promote Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) in Kentucky. Check their programs on their website.

Sharing the Gospel
In this article, you will find tips on who to share the Gospel with and who to avoid. These are legal tips that every Christian living in US should be aware of.

Released Time
This article explains in brief details what Released Time is. It explains its legality, its benefits to students, and many more.

Released Time
Read information on what Released Time is all about at Wikipedia. Released Time is used in United States public schools. The concept is about public school students receiving religious instruction provided that the law in a particular state supports the idea. Read more about this concept at Wikipedia.

Released Time Education
This website is focused mainly on Released Time Eduction. You will find here a schedule of conferences they hold, state laws and directories, and others.

School Ministries
School Ministries, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to promoting and supporting church and community efforts across the US in offering Bible education programs during school hours. School Ministries also provides a wide array of quality support materials including information on the legality of released time program and how to start and operate successful programs. Visit their website for more information on how they can be of service to you.

The Rights of Christians in America's Public Schools
This article discusses how Christian teachers can express their Christian beliefs and share this to their students. It contains tips for Christian teachers.

Upstate Released Time
This is the official website of Christian Learning Centers of the Upstate Inc. They are a non-profit sponsoring organization of Released-Time Christian Education in Anderson and Pickes County. You will find relevant information about released time on their website, aside from the programs they offer.

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