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Puppet Ministry Scripts on Audio, on CD, Printed, and Download

Kingdom Kids Media Outreach (KKMO) Puppet Scripts
KKMO have over 300 award winning, Bible-centered programs and resources for children, teens and adults. Included in their resources are scripts for puppet evangelism or ministry. You will find the list of available puppet scripts on their website.

Creative Ministry Solutions
Minute Manna is a collection of 25 zany Christian comedy scripts on CD to add some fun to your puppet or drama performance. Each skit contains a great Biblical message presented with humor and satire, and is approximately one minute in length. This makes them perfect for quick performances or to help in between other performance pieces.

Puppet Resources
Puppet Resources is a 100% free site. It enables people around the world to share puppet skits they have written. You can upload or download as many puppet scripts as you want without charge on this website. is all about top quality puppets, puppet programs and scripts, puppet stages and puppet accessories. They sell puppet scripts but you can also find free puppet scripts to download from their website.

Regular Baptist Press!PUP/Puppet-Resources.aspx
Regular Baptist Press sells puppets and puppet scripts on their online stores. The scripts are created for VBS use or even for Sunday School classes.

The Answer Guys is a CD/script book that includes 13 skits that provide answers to curious kids’ questions about God and the Bible. These skits are easy to stage and would work well as transition pieces in a larger program, or as stand-alone sketches for children’s church or Sunday school.

The Puppet Seller
The Puppet Seller offers a wide selection of educational, professional, and gift puppets and accessories at the lowest possible prices. They also offer puppet show scripts in audio CDs.

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