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Prisoner Outreach Resources

Article - How to Start or Support a Prison Ministry
"Many of you have asked us how to go about starting your own prison ministry (or how to help support one that's already going). We have put together a short list of suggestions to help you." (Read more about this article, click on the link provided.)

Audio - Unshackled Radio Ministry
Unshackled is an award-winning radio drama from Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. It grips the heart with compelling and relevant stories of transformed lives. Unshackled is broadcast around the world in almost 14,000 times each week on over 3,100 radio outlets. In addition to the English broadcast, it is translated and re-dramatized in Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Farsi, Albanian, Greek, Macedonian, Turkish, Portuguese and Mandarin.

Bible Suitable for Prisoners - Free Bible
Bible Truth Publishers supplies free Bibles in English and Spanish to prisoners in the United States prison system. You may email to Bible Truth Publishers the information of the prisoner and they will send the Bible to them.

Bible Suitable for Prisoners: Free on the Inside Bible
This Bible is developed in conjunction with Prison Fellowship and is a powerful tool for prison ministry. With a softcover binding, personal testimonies, additional study helps, and the easy-to-read-and-understand text of the New International Reader's Version, this Bible will make Bible study in prison ministries even more insightful.

Bible Study Lessons
This page contains links to Bible study lessons for prison inmates.

Book - Bible Games and Activities for Inmates
By Erin Roys;jsessionid=A9D5924E5D03A1D03D37071261847DE8.prodny_store02-atgap03?ean=9781495412233
Inmates usually only get about 45 to 60 minutes for a Bible study period. These games and activities are designed to provide an alternative to the normal Bible study and to make learning about the content of the Bible memorable and fun! Each of these activities are designed for either individual or group fun. The first few are quick and easy and the rest can take up to an hour or longer to complete. Instructions are provided at the beginning of each activity. Answers are provided at the end of the book.

Book - Prison Ministry: Understanding Prison Culture Inside and Out
By Lennie Spitale
For most Christians, prison culture is like visiting a foreign land, and the thought of ministering in prisons to those incarcerated is an intimidating prospect. Prison Ministry will empower any pastor, educator, or lay leader in doing effective prison ministry by providing a thorough "inside-out" view of prison life. Author Lennie Spitale offers a unique and qualifying vantage for writing about prison culture and prison ministry. As a young man, Spitale served a prison sentence for an armed robbery that was later reduced to assault and robbery. Two years after his conversion to Christianity, he began conducting a weekly Bible study in a local jail and has been involved in prison ministry for more than two decades.

Book - New Testament Survey For Inmates
By Erin Roys
This is a book by book survey of each of the 27 books of the New Testament of the Bible. The goal of this book is to get you familiar with finding useful information in your Bible.

Book - The ABC's of Surviving Prison: Key Things to Know Before, During, and After Incarceration
By Erin Roys;jsessionid=A9D5924E5D03A1D03D37071261847DE8.prodny_store02-atgap03?ean=9781497593701
This book is written for those who are facing prison time and those who are serving their sentence. It is also for those who are their friends and family and to anyone who wants to learn more about what prison life is like. While it is written from a Christian perspective, the content is applicable and informative for those of any faith group.

Correspondence Course - Emmaus Correspondence School
This page has a list of correspondence courses about prison ministry. ECS published many prison ministry courses in different languages.

Correspondence Course - Exodus Prison Ministry
Exodus Prison Ministry has published an in-depth 35-book Bible correspondence course that they send to requesting inmates for free. You may contact their office to request copies of these correspondence courses.

Correspondence Course - The Mailbox Club
The Mailbox Club International offers free Bible lessons for prisoners or inmates. To receive their free Bible lessons, just sign up the form found on their website.

Correspondence Course - Source of Light Ministries

Devotional Book - 90 Day Challenge: Devotions Designed For Inmates
By Erin Roys
There are 90 devotionals in this book. Each takes a verse and expands on how it applies today, right now, to you as you sit in prison. There is a topical index at the end of the book you can use to search for verses to bring you comfort direct from His word. Each daily devotional has the text on one side of the page with some black lines on the facing page. These are for you to use. Write prayer requests or jot down any specific thought that came to you as you read the Scripture for the day. You can review these later in the year to see how He has been faithful to keep His promises to you.

Devotional Book - Exiles: A Prisoner's Daily Devotional
By Terry Solley, Johnny Blevins, Jason Karch
Exiles is a Christian Devotional Book written by inmates for inmates. Exiles will bless inmates and free-world people alike, making its way into both kinds of prisons (spiritual and physical) something we all know well. Each page of this devotional book represents a day in the calendar year and includes a verse or two of Scripture, three to four short paragraphs about the Scripture applicable to a prison context, then a brief listing for further Bible reading.

Ministry - Christian Library International
Christian Library International brings the message of hope to those who need it most desperately such as men, women, and children locked inside prison walls. They provide Christian books, Bibles, and CDs to prisons and correctional facilities in US.

Ministry - Compassion Link
Compassion Link publishes a list of links on Prison Ministry. You can find these links on their website.

Ministry - Good News Jail & Prison Ministry
Good News Jail & Prison Ministry ministers to 300,000 incarcerated men, women and youth every day in 22 states in US and 25 countries worldwide. Good News International chaplains share the love of Christ to inmates and prison staff providing them their spiritual, as well as physical needs.

Ministry - Hope Aglow
Hope Aglow is an organization dedicated to reaching prisoners with the message of Christ's love. It is a ministry whose goal is not rehabilitation but regeneration.

Ministry - International Prison Ministry (IPM)
Chaplain Ray Hoekstra founded the International Prison Ministry in 1972. The main goal is to preach the Good News to every prisoner in America and other countries. For decades, Hoekstra and his wife made thousands of ministry visits into prisons preaching the Good News and distributing free Bibles, Life-Changing testimony books and other Christian study books to prisoners who requested them. Today, IPM has partnered with many national pastors and churches to continue reaching inmates for Christ.

Ministry - Kairos Prison Ministry International
Kairos Prison Ministry shares the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities. They offer three programs: Kairos Inside, Kairos Outside, and Kairos Torch. Visit their website to know more about these programs.

Ministry - Mid-America Prison Ministries
Mid-America Prison Ministries is a non-denominational, nationwide prison ministry located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are currently reaching out to over 1,234 prisons in USA and foreign countries. They hold prison crusades and distribute books for inmates.

Ministry - Moments With The Book Prison Ministry
Moments With the Book produces literature for prison ministry use. They send Gospel literature free of charge to support prison ministries worldwide. Inmates can also receive free MWTB literature upon request. Visit MWTB's website for their prison tracts and books.

Ministry - Prison Book Project
Prison Book Project sends books into prisons with the goals of introducing prisoners to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, helping them build a firm foundation of faith, and equipping them to minister to others in prison and when they are released.

Ministry - Prison Fellowship
Prison Fellowship trains and inspires churches and communities to support the restoration of those affected by incarceration. They equip correctional leaders, volunteers, and incarcerated men and women to make prisons more rehabilitative places. They advocate for a more restorative criminal justice system. They also collaborate with churches and local service providers to support former prisoners, their families, and their communities.

Ministry - The Riverside Church Prison Ministry
The Riverside Church Prison Ministry conducts advocacy and outreach programs for people in prison, inmates' families and their communities.

Ministry - Rock Church Prison Ministry
Rock Church Prison Ministry reaches lives for Jesus Christ behind prison walls. They conduct outreach programs and ministry events to open opportunities for men and women who want to volunteer in numerous facilities and to support the families of those who are incarcerated.

Online Bookstore/Store - The Prison Ministry Supply Store
The books you will find at The Prison Ministry Supply Store are offered on a donation basis. These books are helpful in assisting you in your evangelistic prison ministry outreach.

Online Bookstore/Store - The Voice of Triumph
You can buy the books of Dr. Neill at The Voice of Triumph online store. Dr. Neill was once imprisoned for crimes he committed in the past. He met Jesus Christ inside the prison. When set free, he began preaching Jesus Christ in prisons in US and other countries.

PDF - Resource List: Prison Ministries
Focus on the Family has released a list of books and other resources you can use in your prison ministry. You can download and print this pdf for your copy.

Tract - Failure Isn't Final
Too many precious servants of Jesus Christ have been told their sin disqualifies them from serving the Lord forever. Failure Isn't Final will tell you that when convicted of sin, you can still go back to God through repentance. This tract offers a scripturally sound, sensitive and sensible approach to restoring fallen Christians to ministry.

Tract - Not Guilty
Not Guilty explains the consequence of sin and introduces the God as the righteous judge and Jesus Christ as our lawyer.

Tract - Prison Ministry Letters
Prison Ministry Letters is a page from the Chick website where you can read testimonies from inmates and how God used Chick tracts to introduce them to Jesus Christ.

Tract - Son of Hope
Son of Hope is the story of David Berkowitz, an inmate sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment. He shares his story from being a notorious murderer until he found hope when he met Christ in prison.

Tract - The Tract League
The Tract League has tracts for prison ministry use. Visit their website for these tracts.

Tract - The Unforgivable Crime That Will Sentence You To Hell Forever
This is a great tract for prison evangelism. It talks about sins that are crimes in God's sight, and that we are guilty and condemned because of these sins. Forgiveness and cleansing from every crime is only possible through the blood of Christ.

Tract - True Way Tracts - Prison Tracts
True Way Tracts has published 17 prison tracts. You can purchase these tracts in packs from their online store.

Tract - Why Did This Happen To Me?
"Why Did This Happen to Me?" This question is often asked whenever trouble enters our lives. And this tract provides the answer to this question. This tract is made especially for prison inmates. You can get this tract at MWTB's online store.

Tract - Why Forgive Others?
Many believers and unbelievers struggle with the issue of forgiveness. This tract looks at God's forgiveness of us, the grace He gives us to forgive forgive others, and the blessings that will follow.

Tract - Comix35
Comix35 develops and distributes personal testimony tracts written and drawn by inmates for inmates in their own authentic cultural voice to reach out to their fellow prisoners, to juvenile offenders, and to at-risk youth on the outside. To date, Comix35 has 4 prison tracts in English language, and 1 tract in Spanish language.

Training - Prison Ministry Training Resources
Prison Fellowship offers many resources that can be used by churches or organizations for their Prison Ministry. You can find these resources on their website.

Video - Why You're In Prison
Why You're in Prison is the fourth lesson in the ReGen curriculum that is being developed for use in prisons nationwide. The curriculum will consist of 130 lessons, which is good for 6 months, worth of written instruction with corresponding sessions on DVD and a workbook. The DVD includes a little over one hour of Chandler teaching in a prison. It also includes the following handouts: 6-page lesson, study guide questions, and completed text of Psalm 107.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact

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