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Prayer Software

Church/Faith Based Phone System
PhoneTree is able to develop a telephone messaging system that will make your church or faith based organization's phone or communication system run smoothly. You may share prayer requests but not gossip with this system.

Daily Bible and Prayer Software
Daily Bible and Prayer software is a free Windows application designed for personal prayer, Bible reading, and devotion. This software allows you to manage unlimited Bible reading plans, as well as manage your prayer list.

Eagle Prayer Warrior
Eagle Prayer Warrior is an easy to use and organizational software that Christians can use to manage their prayer list. For more information visit the Eagle Prayer Warrior website.

Eagle Prayer Warrior - Prayer Journal Software
This article introduces the Eagle Prayer Warrior software. It is a Prayer Journal you can use for your daily prayer life of prayer ministry.

Easy Prayer Warrior-Prayer Journal Software
Easy Prayer Warrior is an easy to use, organizational tool for Christians. It is a prayer journal designed for prayer intercessors and leaders. The software includes an automated address book, prayer lists organizer, journal, email tracker, sermon builder, and more.

How To Build An Online Prayer Wall
This article provides guidelines on how to build your own prayer website and how to design it.

iPrayerWorks is a software created to handle the manual tasks of the prayer room so that prayer is more manageable. This software is affordable, customizable, and manageable.

Ministry CRM Prayer Center Software
The online Prayer Center Software is a feature rich virtual prayer room that allows prayer requests to be submitted to your website. It features the following: prayer list builder, prayer groups, follow-up reports, request alerts to administrators, and much more.

Prayer Card Pro
The Prayer Card Pro software focuses on the printing of prayer cards. This software is simple to install and easy to use.

The Prayer Engine
The Prayer Engine is an app Christian web developers can install on their Wordpress sites. This app is simple, safe and sound, and very user-friendly.

Prayer Journal X5
Prayer Journal X5 is a software that can be use on a laptop or desktop computer. The software has been made free to download by everybody. The download links are available on the Prayer Journal X5 website.

Prayerware is a multimedia software for prayer warriors and Christians. Features include unlimited prayers, prayer launcher, built-in voice recorder, and much more.

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