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Open Air Preaching and Street Preaching

Official Street Preachers
Official Street Preachers conducts public preaching as their way of evangelizing. They evangelize in streets, shopping stores, campuses and more. They also train Christians on how to do street preaching.

Open Air Campaigners
Open Air Campaigners is an evangelistic ministry of preaching the Gospel to lost people and mobilizing the Church through open-air outreach. They proclaim Christ on city sidewalks, marketplaces, parks, campuses and neighborhoods. They also provide training and service opportunities in evangelistic ministry for individuals, churches and organizations.

Open Air Evangelism
Open Air Evangelism is a ministry of Word of Life. They bring the Gospel to people in public places through paint boards, rope tricks, other visualization. They also provide trainings and seminars in the areas of evangelism and discipleship.

Open Air Outreach
Open Air Outreach has reached over 100 campuses worldwide in preaching the Gospel. They take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to sinners through open air preaching and they train believers to do likewise.

Open Air Preaching DVD
This DVD tells you what open air preaching is all about. The first DVD is Kerrigan Skelly's open air preaching experience, while the second DVD provides quick tips and practical points for beginning open air preachers.

Street Preaching
This page contains links on street preaching: how to's, introduction to street preaching, street preaching trainings, and more.

Street Preaching Manual,d.aWc
Download the Street Preaching Manual free of charge. Just click the link above to open the document.


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