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Movie Reviews by Christian and Family Friendly Organizations

Christian Spotlight
Christian Spotlight, a ministry of ChristianAnswers.Net, not only provides movie reviews but also reviews on games kids often like to play these days. Included on this website are movie reviews, guide to games, articles, Christian Film News, a list of movies for counseling use, an online store, and a directory of web site resources. produces and distributes Christian motion pictures, but they also provide movie and book reviews. These reviews will help viewers to decide on which film or book is suitable for individual or family viewing. All reviews come from a Christian perspective.

Christianity Today
Christianity Today has also released their own reviews of movies, television shows, books, music, and other media to help Christians decide on a good and suitable movie for the family.  Their reviews are arranged alphabetically according to title. You can also type the title on their search engine. provides reviews of movies, DVDs, music, books, arts, and humor. To view their reviews, click the  Culture link on the home page.

Family Movie Review 
Family Movie Review is the parents' resource center where they can learn whether a movie or a television show is appropriate for the kids to watch. This website offers reviews, resources, Christian film news, and many more.

Kids In Mind 
Kids In Mind provides movie reviews on category-specific ratings (scale of 0-10): including Violence and Gore, and Profanity. They explain why the film rate is high or low in each category. Also included in their reviews are the substance use, a list of discussion topics (topics that may elicit questions from kids) and messages (what values the film conveys). 

Movie Glimpse 
Movie Glimpse connects the movies that touch your heart with spiritual insights and deeper truths that are revealed in them. Reviews they make are very informative and enriching. This review sight however will not warn you on what not to watch and what is not edifying about the movies.

Movieguide is dedicated to redeeming the values of the entertainment industry according to biblical principles. Ted Baehr educates the public about the influence of the entertainment media and about how to train their families to become media-wise so they can choose the good and reject the bad. Movieguide includes news from the entertainment industry, insightful articles on trends and beliefs, and interviews with top filmmakers and actors.

MovieMinistry's movie review include Christian-inspired commentaries so pastors or youth leaders could use the film as a sermon illustration. To view the movie review, type the title of the film on their search engine. I do not necessarily think it is a good idea to use movies as sermon illustrations, as it might encourage people to watch movies that are not edifying. 

Parent Previews 
Parent Previews help parents understand the movie rating system, promote family films, and make media entertainment an easier choice for children and families. They provide a more holistic view of media through articles and access to scholarly studies about the effects of media on families and society.

Parents Television Council (PTC)
PTC monitors primetime television shows and reviews many PG and G rated movies. They log all content that could be considered questionable by parents, and they give traffic light ratings according to the amount of sex, violence, and profanity incorporated into the series or film. Aside from TV show and movie reviews, they also have articles, studies, and contact information for the sponsors of programs and the networks themselves so parents and concerned viewers can contact the person responsible for any inappropriate scene in the show.

Plugged In Online 
Plugged In Online dive in deeply into specific content, detailed information, and meaning behind popular movies, videos, TV episodes, songs, and games. Through their reviews, articles and discussions, they spark intellectual thought that helps in the spiritual growth of each Christian or individual.

Preview Online 
Preview Online is a fun, informative tool for Christian and concerned moviegoers. Their reviews contain the film synopsis and their commentary so you can decide if the film is suitable for viewing. They have two review criteria, the Entertainment Rating and the Content Rating.

Screen It! 
Screen It! provides unbiased, easy to use, yet heavily detailed and complete look at popular entertainment that kids from ages one to seventeen might see, rent, or buy. They create movie reviews with detailed scene description covering 15 points of subject matter and a convenient rating system (extreme, heavy, moderate, mild, minor, none). Each review displays the title, year of movie release, main actors/actresses and the movie/video's MPAA rating followed by their exclusive content table.

The Dove Foundation 
Reviews at Dove Foundation website are based on traditional Judeo-Christian values. There is a content chart and description that gauge six criteria: Sex, Language, Violence, Drug and alcohol use, and Nudity. Movies approved by Dove have a Dove Family-Approved Seal, or also known as the "good housekeeping seal for family entertainment."

The Fish 
This website offers the latest pop culture news and entertainment reviews from a Christian perspective. Read reviews of movies, DVDs, television shows, books, video games, and music that will help you apply a Christian worldview to pop culture. You may also join in their discussions about faith, family, and culture in their online community and blogs.

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