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Christian Resources on Modesty

A Christian Home
This website contains articles on Christian modesty, what it is and why it is needed. You can read articles about feminine clothing for yourself and your family, articles on modesty, modest and feminine dress and many more.

Christian Modesty
Christian Modesty is an e-book in .pdf format. It talks about proper clothing and fashion. It also talks about issues on nakedness and shame.

Christian Modesty
Christian Modesty is a book authored by a Christian couple, Jerry and Heidi Beaver. This book offers scriptural guidance from a balanced perspective. It challenges those who seek God's will for their whole life, and it may frustrate those with predetermined mindsets not based on the Holy Scriptures.

Let's Talk Modesty
Read this article about modesty on the website link provided. This article is written by Stacy McDonald. You can also find modesty articles on the main website of Mom of 9's Place.

Meaning of Christian Modesty, The
Read this article on the website link provided. The Meaning of Christian Modesty is written by Mike Frank.

Modern Modesty?
John and Ellen Duncan wrote this article about modern modesty. The article contains Scripture texts and has question and answer part.

Modesty Articles
Modesty articles at Revive Our Hearts website are written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. She tries to answer questions about proper clothing, what is a modest dress, how to have a modest appearance, and many more.

Modesty Resources
If you are looking for resources about Christian modesty, try Revive our Heart's modesty page. Modesty resources here are available as a reading or audio material.

Modesty, A Matter of Heart
By Mary Van Nattan
Read what Mary Van Nattan thinks about modesty on the above website link.

Pure Freedom
Pure is Dannah Gresh's website for modesty and purity. Gresh is a mother, author, mother-daughter relationship coach, facilitator, teacher, and expert in abstinence and modesty. Her website, Pure Freedom, offers resources and events for moms and their tween girls.

What Guys See That Girls Don't... Or Do They?
By Sharon Daugherty
Sharon Daugherty speaks about the impact your clothes and behavior have on the opposite sex. She gives practical advice to project radiant beauty from the inside out, develop a pure and genuine aura, send appropriate signals and receive sincere responses, and live joyfully within appropriate God-set boundaries.

Women of Christian Modesty
This website is the official website of Women of Christian Modesty, a group about Christian Modesty, Parenting and Homelife. It is open to Christian Ladies who believe in modest dress, wearing long hair, no make-up, little or no jewelry, and not wearing pants.

Your Girl: Raising a Godly Daughter in an Ungodly World (eBook)
By Vicki Courtney
Today's movies, music, and magazines bombard your preteen and teenage daughters with worldly images. Courtney shows how you can overcome the negative influences of our provocative culture as she addresses timely topics, including sexual purity, the dangers of conformity, self- worth, modesty and femininity. This book addresses the climate of today's teen culture, the high calling of motherhood, and practical ways to counteract the negative influences our daughters face.

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