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Cars, Trucks and Vans for Missionaries - Where to Buy or Rent

Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry
BMTM provides quality, dependable transportation to missionaries who are coming back to US on furlough. At present, they have 42 vehicles for missionaries and church workers who need transportation.

CMTS Ministries
CMTS Ministries supplies and equips missionaries and ministries across the globe with vehicles, mechanical support, technical equipment and specialized supplies and services.

Grace Corporation
Grace Corporation provides low-cost transportation for Christian missionaries while they are back in US. They provide the vehicle, licensing, and liability insurance on the vehicle.

Macedonian Call Foundation
Macedonian Call provides cars and other transportation for Southern Baptist missionaries.

Mission Auto Connection
Mission Auto Connection sells used vehicles for missionaries and the general public. They also do service, rentals, body shop work, and sell accessories.

Missionary Ministries
Missionary Ministries provide short-term, suitable, dependable transportation for missionaries, pastors or Christian workers especially in times of need.

Missionary Motors
Missionary Motors serves missionaries in the areas of automotive repair and loaner vehicles.

Missionary TECH Team's Mechanical Services / Missionary Furlough Vehicle
The Missionary TECH Team's Mechanical Services provides a safe and reliable transportation solution, supplying rental cars and vans to missionaries on furlough, as well as to Christian service workers.

Righteous Rides
Righteous Rides leases minivans to evangelical missionaries during their trips home from the field. Aside from that, they also provide 24-hour technical assistance should their clients encounter any problems.

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