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Ministries that might help you start your Christian radio station outside the USA

Below are ministries, ministry organizations and Christian owned companies that will help you to set up your Christian radio station or translator station. Some work in the USA and some are mainly interested in working on missionary radio stations. From personal experience, if you try and contact some of the missionary organizations below by phone or email, they are not always there to answer the phone or email as they are busy missionaries. Sometimes you will have to try again.


Galcom helps to set up missionary radio stations around the world. They also have fixed tuned radios. Please visit their web site as it has some useful technical information.

Sterling Communications

This Christian owned company works mainly in the USA. It does frequency searches, forms filing, power upgrades, single channel feasibility studies, rulemaking petitions, construction permit applications. This is for radio stations, low power FM , AM, Fm Translators, Educational FM and Commercial FM. It has an excellent question and answer page regarding starting a radio station at

Towers for Jesus

This ministry travels around the world to set up radio station towers. It works on a donation basis.

Heart Sounds International

Heart Sounds International (HSI) is a volunteer fellowship  of trained worship musicians and recording engineers  committed to seeing God release the "heart worship"  of people groups and churches. Heart Sounds International functions, in conjunction with local churches and missionary organizations, to encourage worship in the non-western world by worship teaching, music training and the recording of indigenous worship. Teaching in biblical principles of worship Encouraging  creative expression ... being a catalyst for local musicians to compose their own indigenous worship songs Installing recording equipment for ongoing audio and video projects  Training in the use of both audio and video  recording equipment Recording- helping local believers to use state-of-the-art digital recording equipment and providing masters for distribution

Sound and Recording Resources

Trans World Radio

TWR might help you to set up a radio station outside the USA and might also provide programming. TWR is broadcasting in 180 languages and dialects.

Far East Broadcasting

Far East Broadcasting might help you to set up a radio station outside the USA and might also provide programming. FEBC is presently broadcasting in 150 languages.

Bible Broadcasting Network

BBN presently has programming in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. BBN might help you with programming. This ministry has conservative Christian music. Someof their programming is sent by satellite.

Fundamental Broadcasting Network

The Fundamental Broadcasting Network might help you to set up a radio station inside and outside the USA and might also provide programming in English. This ministry has only conservative Christian music and teaching/preaching. Their programming is sent by satellite.

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