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Ministries Willing to Help with Computer Tech Support and Customized Software

Missionary Tech Team
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Computers In Ministry
Computers In Ministry is a non-profit Christian organization which exists solely to support the information technology needs of small to mid-sized Christian ministries

LightSys is dedicated to equipping Christian missions and ministries with the computer technology correct for them, including the knowledge and contacts needed to support that technology. As a result they can serve with greater efficiency, keeping their mind on their task, not their computers, thus redeeming technology -- for God's Kingdom.

The Christian Open Development Network
... where we're dreaming big dreams, seeking God, and collaborating on how we can each use our software development & software engineering skills to be a part of the work for God's kingdom around the world, through encouraging and facilitating collaborative development of open source software and systems for missions, ministry, the church, and Christian individuals.

The Firm Foundation Firm Foundation was launched with the goal to assist ministry organizations around the world to understand and use technology in more innovative and effective ways.

Helps International Ministries
Some of the services we provide are: consulting, hardware installations, software installations, network installations, webpage design and maintenance, and general computer support.

International Conference on Computing and Mission
The International Conference on Computing and Mission (ICCM) is an annual informal (NO ties allowed) gathering of women and men who have a common interest in computers and mission. We share a vision of cooperation for effective use of technology bringing the Gospel to every nation.

The Rock San Diego
The Jesus Geeks will repair minor computer issues, perform computer maintenance, give away refurbished computers from donated parts, and help build simple websites for Christ driven organizations in need. This ministry will also be focused on spreading the truth of God throughout the IT community in San Diego for Christ.

MAF Learning Technologies-Training Pastors and Church Leaders using Computer Technology
If you want more information on MAF Learning Technologies, please see these two web sites
MAF-Learning Technologies (MAF-LT) enables Bible and ministry skills training for church leaders in the developing world by providing technology, expertise, consulting services, and synergism in digital publishing and distance education.

Missionary Tech Support
This web site is a few years old and has not been updated since 2005.

Thomas J Baum, Jr 
Thomas J Baum Jr. wants to provide missionary assistance in these areas: IT Support and Training, Business Administrative Functions, Sales Training. Please contact him at the secular business above. 

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