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Christian Drama and Mime
This website contains a collection of dramas that have been collected over the years. The drama scripts are not under copyright so anyone can use them for their Mime Ministry.

Christian Resource Listing >> Christian Drama
This website directory contains links to other websites that offers resources for mime.

At, you will find two books. The Mime Book by Claude Kipnis, and
Mime Ministry by Susie Kelly Toomey.
Free Your Mime is a PDF download
by Lawrence Enscoe.
This dvd Bananas: Joby Saad
has some mime in it.

Cross the Sky Ministries >> Mime Ministry
Cross the Sky Ministry has published three unique mime dramas
designed for Christian youth groups and drama teams to present in
church, on a mission trip, or as an outreach ministry to their home communities. Each mime drama comes complete with a DVD of the
entire drama, an audio CD of supporting music for all the scenes, and
a director's booklet containing scene descriptions, liner notes, song
lyrics, and great ideas for make-up, costumes, face painting, lighting,
and props.

DRAMA Ministry
DRAMA Ministry is a Christian youth discipleship ministry that uses mime to portray the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They offer the following services: Street Outreach, Gospel presentation during church events, and Workshops. is your gateway to sites on the Internet for drama mission, scripts and resources. Browse their resources or try to search on their search engine. You can type "mime" or "pantomime".

Dramashare have downloadable scripts you can use for your Mime Ministry. Their scripts can be found at the shopping cart. You can also click the above links to take you directly to a list of scripts for mime use. Dramashare also offers DVD and downloadable mime training videos. You can find them under the Training link or you can simply click the link above.

Fools4Christ >> Drama
In this website, you will find scripts, ideas and links to other resources that can turn your enthusiasm to behave like a fool into a great way of sharing the good news. They have lots of free, original Christian drama scripts to download. Click the links provided to take you to their mime script or drama directory page.

His-Net >> Drama
Mime is under the category of Drama. In this website, you will find links to other websites that offers Mime resources, scripts and trainings. Go over the list of links and search for those that have mime ministry.

Cora Alley of Inskpirations produces Christian drama scripts and sermon illustrations. Visit Inkspirations and browse through the Christian Mime Theater's list to find Christian scripts that will portray God's love and God's presence in the life of the believer, as well as build healthy relationships, encourage spiritual growth, and challenge your congregation to evangelism.

LION Players
L.I.O.N. (Life Isn't Only Now) Players is a performing arts troupe based in Akron, Ohio that uses dance, drama, mime, and personal stories to share God's plan for sexuality with teens and young adults. On their website you will find out more about the team, their our Biblical message, resources to help remain pure spiritually and mentally, videos and photos of performances and mission trips and how to book a L.I.O.N. performance.

Mime and Mime Training
This website contains links to other websites that offers information and resources for mime ministry. There are also links to sites or schools that offers mime training.

Mime Ministry
by Susie Kelly Toomey
Toomey's Mime Ministry is an easy-to-follow guidebook for organizing and training a troupe of Christian mimes. The book contains art and photo illustrations. It also includes details about makeup, costumes, technique, performances, ideas for song and Scripture interpretations, and mime scripts.

Orion's Gate >> Pantomime Scripts
Orion's Gate's mime scripts requires little or no stage preparation or props. Their scripts are very detailed and can be done by those who have had little or no background in drama or mime.

Religious Resources >> Mime
This is another website directory that contains links to where you can find mime resources, mime trainings, mime scripts, and also Christian groups that use mime to spread the Word of God.

Silent Praise.Org
This is the official website of Silent Praise Ministry. Silent Praise Ministry offers resources about mime and offers workshops for churches or Christians who want to start a Mime Ministry. They also performs for Church events.

Silent Witness Mime Team
Silent Witness Mime Team not only travels and performs but also helps other ministries get started. Click on their workshop link on how you can book them for mime workshop at your local church.

University of the Nations College of Arts & Sports
You can learn how to share stories of truth through mime, music, drama and other performing arts. University of the Nations offers classes where you can train in these areas. Visit the website for more information.

Woken Heart
Woken Heart, a short mime, is a licensed skit but can be downloaded and used freely provided that you give proper attribution to the author or original publisher. This skit can be downloaded from You can also look for other drama/mime scripts on the website.

YWAM Performing Arts
YWAM in Edmonton-Alberta Canada uses music, mime, dance and drama in spreading God's Word to other people. The following dramas/scripts is incorporated with mime: Legend of Howul and Kingdom of Sell.

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