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On this website is a letter written by Antoine RJ Wright. The content of this letter is about an appeal to all Christian organizations to donate or share copyright free Christian materials, connections and ideas to kiosk project. Read the letter and find out how you can be of help.

Become a Kiosk Evangelism Distributor
This video contains a brief overview on how you can become a Kiosk Evangelism Regional Distributor.

Introduction to Kiosk Evangelist
This video clip talks about what Kiosk Evangelist is.

Introduction to the Kiosk Hotspot
This video clip talks about the Kiosk Hotspot, a digital literature table for Christian media and other content. A digital library on a hard disk uses wifi to deliver content even when the internet is not available.

Kiosk Evangelism
Kiosk Evangelism is a tool used for cell phone evangelism. By using this technology, will be able to have access to free audio Bibles, music, videos and more in churches, airports, but stations, etc. Find out more on how you can benefit and avail this technology on their website.

Kiosk Evangelism Project
This website contains a short article or information about Kiosk Evangelism.

Kiosk Evangelism Tickler
This short video clip is an advertisement for 42 Kiosk Evangelist.

Mall Kiosk Evangelistic Christian Film Showings
Put the JESUS Film on a loop; rent kiosk space in a mall; and let the Holy Spirit begin to work. Can it really be that easy? Find it out on this article.

N.C.-Based Software Company Helps Client Bypass Internet to Reach Unbelievers for Christ
The Holly Springs, North Carolina,-based RoleModel Software recently helped Kiosk Evangelism develop tools for reaching unbelievers in the remotest corners of the globe -- through cell phones. Read more about this at

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This article talks about the author's experience in attending the 7M's seminar which also tackled Kiosk evangelism as one of the successful mobile ministries in the present time.

Ten Question for Stephen Keel, Director Kiosk Evangelism
This is a blog article, an interview to Kiosk Evangelism director, Stephen Keel. Read and find out what he says about Kiosk Evangelism.

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