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Guided Discovery - An Interesting Way to Teach That Encourages Learning


Guided Discovery is a new approach or method that teachers use nowadays. This teaching style can be used in any school subject. Also called “discovery learning,” this technique makes use more of solving problems with multiple solutions, use of hands-on materials, and less teacher guidance and memorization. Basically, the student will learn more by experience and not just from textbooks. If you want to learn more about “Guided Discovery,” below are links to articles and videos that cover such topic.

Online Articles

CELTA Tip: Guided Discovery
ELT Planning
“I got an A in my CELTA, but I had some teaching experience before the course. I find one of the hardest things about teaching is actually standing up and doing it. I am a really nervous person, and this trait has plagued me for a long time.” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Guided Discovery: A Twentieth Century Model Proves Useful in the Twenty-First Century Classroom
By Jesse L. Germain
This paper explains the advantages of using guided discovery to the modern age of teaching.

Guided Discovery for Language Instruction: A Framework for Implementation at all Levels
By Vicky Saumell
This slide presentation will tell you what Guided Discovery for Language Instruction is.

Guided Discovery in Action
Responsive Classroom
“Guided Discovery is a teaching strategy used to introduce materials in the classroom. The primary goal of Guided Discovery is to generate interest and excitement about classroom resources and help children explore their possible uses. Guided Discovery also provides opportunities to introduce vocabulary, assess children’s prior knowledge, and teach responsible use and care of materials.” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Guided Discovery Lesson Plan Template
“Guided discovery, as the name suggests, is a learning model that encourages students to discover concepts on their own through the guided facilitation of their teacher. Students explore the material individually or with a group and, with the help of leading questions from the instructor, draw conclusions and make connections that lead them to completing the learning objective.” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Guided Discovery Problems
Stanford University
“Guided discovery encourages students’ natural curiosity and inquisitiveness. Carefully constructed puzzles, problems, and questions push students to go beyond facts to discovery of principles in solving problems.” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

How to Use Guided Discovery Problems
Science Education Resource Center (SERC)
“Guided-discovery problems can be incorporated into lecture, lab, and field courses. They fit beautifully into the exploration phase of the learning cycle approach to teaching. Thus they work best when they are assigned before any lectures or readings on the topic.” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Pedagogy - Guided Discovery
“We have developed a Guided Discovery Approach to teach STEM through Robotics. Without guided discovery, teaching STEM concepts and even robotics has become routine and boring. Our Guided Discovery Approach creates significant learning experiences that are personally meaningful.” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Teaching English Grammar with Guided Discovery Approach
Bridge TEFL
“You could plan a lesson to teach very tenses by defining the tense, giving examples in sentences, and then passing out a worksheet for your students to practice. This may be a very familiar grammar instruction technique for many of your students. But grammar instruction can, and should, be more than perfunctory.” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)


CELTA - Guided Discovery
This video will give you an introduction to the method of presenting language called “Guided Discovery.”

Guided Discovery Learning - Introduction
This video is an introduction to the “Guided Discovery Learning” method.

Guided Discovery Model
This video explains what Guided Discovery Model is as a new teaching strategy.

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