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Gideon Bible App with over 1100 Languages

The Gideons have a brand new Bible app for iOS and Android devices. The Gideon Bible app has over 1100 languages with audio versions. The user just plugs in his/her country and language and then the Scripture will appear in written form. The Gideon Bible app is simply amazing. It is free and easy to use. If a WiFi (Internet) is available in the place, you can download a version to your device. That downloaded version can be accessed offline. You can access the version even when one is in the field and away from any WiFi Internet connection. Another cool thing about the Gideon Bible app is its ability to be shared via bluetooth. The Gideon Bible app will be useful not only to locals but also to short-term missionaries and professionals who can now give the gift of Scripture without having to carry boxes of books, which sometimes might elevate one’s profile. The Gideon Bible app is truly a major revolution.

Here are websites where you can get the Gideon Bible app.

Gideon Bible App at

Google Play


The Gideons International In Canada


The Gideon Bible App - Find Help. Find Truth. (article with video)
“The Gideons International now provides a Bible app specifically designed for evangelism. Our familiar topical indexes, such as “Help in Time of Need,” provide for a quick lookup of useful verses. Users can access the Word of God in a wide variety of languages, both in written and audio format. The Plan of Salvation is also available in the menu section.” (Read more about this article, click on the link provided above.)

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