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Three Free Bible Software Programs

The Word Bible Software
Check out Dave's favorite Bible software program. "I’ve been using 'The Word' Bible software program for over a year; it is wonderful and free. It is amazing the number of commentaries, dictionaries, books, maps, etc. that are searchable and integrated – I have over 600 of these all free. This is free but not unprofessional; it is very high quality; it is flexible and you can alter it to suit your needs. I use it almost every day for study." Find Dave's go-to website at...

MacSword (Macintosh)
MacSword is a free open source application designed specifically for Mac users running Mac OS X. It is based on the Sword project of open source Bible software, making it compatible with many Bible translations and more than 200 Bible study texts. Devotionals, commentaries, dictionaries and lexicons are just some of its surprisingly versatile features in this basic Bible software program.

e-Sword (Windows)
Starting with the best free Bible software program, e-Sword gives you more than you might expect from a free program, including several free add on Bible versions, dictionaries and commentaries. It's easy to use with tutorials, manuals and training demos all provided for free on the e-Sword Website. A Pocket PC version of e-Sword called Pocket e-Sword is also available for free.

Top ten Bible software packages- free and not free

Some of the products sold by these companies are unbiblical. Most of it is probably ok.

Thank you.

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