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Evangelism Training Online Resources

Some of the evangelism training below is online. Some of the training is not online or on the internet.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Billy Graham and his team offers practical and effective strategies for proclamation evangelism and evangelistic preaching. Their time-tested principles are now available online and with instructional videos at your own pace.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Dare to be a Daniel
Dare to be a Daniel is innovative evangelism training for kids 9-14 years old.
This engaging and relevant approach will equip kids 9-14 years old to share Him with friends.

Change Collegian Network
Change Collegian Network offers Biblical Evangelism 101 where you can learn how to share the gospel message with your friends, co-workers, family and even strangers using simple, effective, and biblical audio/visual tools.

Child Evangelism Fellowship
The Children's Ministries Institute offers online training that is designed to meet the busy lifestyles of those who minister to children. Their seminars and courses provide biblical and practical instruction on a variety of topics.

Christian Training Center
Christian Training Center offers free resources for those who would like to take Evangelism training and Biblical training. All resources can be taken independently at at your own pace.

Christian Witnessing Tools
This website offers a step-by-step online training on how to witness. They have training tools and witnessing tools you can get from their website.

Church Army Online
Church Army Online is offering a four-year mission-based training program to evangelists or would-be evangelists. The evangelist-in-training is based at a mission center and is apprenticed to an experienced evangelist who provides coaching and supervision.

Effective Evangelism Training
Effective Evangelism Training offers evangelism training for all levels. Their training materials are easy to use, understand, navigate, and apply to real-life ministry efforts.

ER Courses Online
ER Courses Online offers evangelism courses. The courses are available in different languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Evangelism Explosion International
Evangelism Explosion is a ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. It uses different components such as prayer, actual on-the-job training where the experienced lead the inexperienced, and the principle of spiritual multiplication.

EvanTell's online evangelism training features clear and simple training. They offer free training and resources on personal evangelism, children's evangelism, and workplace evangelism in an online and interactive format.

Evangelism Boot Camp
Evangelism Boot Camp is a free evangelism training offered by The Pocket Testament League. This is a 7-part online training course and self-paced program so you can take as long as you need to complete.

Evangelism Tackle Box
Evangelism Tackle Box offers good training and tools for learning how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with your family, friends, colleagues, and strangers. is offering key tutorials on Personal Evangelism 101. Training materials are available on their website.

HopeNET Evangelism Training
HopeNET is an online school of evangelism training featuring a network of evangelism trainers from around the world.

How To's of Evangelism - Inspiring Evangelism
This page contains links to articles on how to evangelize.

Internet Evangelism Day
Internet Evangelism Day offers evangelism training videos which provides strategies and techniques on how to conduct online evangelism.

Move To Assurance
This page contains videos on evangelism, Bible teaching, apologetics and training. You can watch the videos online.

MTA Bible Evangelism & Apologetics Training
This website provides training and ideas for evangelism. Courses offered are: Evangelism 101, Evangelism Booth, Gospel Tracts, Parade Evangelism, and Christian Apologetics Training.

Open Air Campaigners
OAC is offering evangelism trainings such as Sketch Board Training. They have training videos on their website.

PinPoint Evangelism
PinPoint Evangelism offers online evangelism training. They train church/group how to evangelize simply, effectively, Biblically, the way Jesus did.

Repent and Turn Ministries
Repent and Turn Ministries offers online evangelism training and courses.

Sagemont Missions
Sagemont Missions offers an online evangelism training that is adapted from the classroom training guide that they have been using for several years. The training is a prerequisite to participating in a Sagemont-supported mission trip.

Street Evangelism Training
The Street Evangelism Training is open to all who would like to learn how to evangelize in streets and public places. Resources are available on their website.

The School of Biblical Evangelism
This School is a biblically sound course that will help motivate Christians to evangelize. Their online evangelism training offers 101 lessons, over 45 audio lessons, 50 cartoon kids lessons, a student community forum, and lots of bonuses.


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