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Christian Drama and Skit Directory

You will find many drama resources and links to drama resources at AChristian.Net. Drama resources are found under the Evangelistic category. You may also use the search engine to look for drama resources.

An Ultimate Christian Resource Center
This website has an archive of free drama scripts. Look for drama scripts under Arts and Entertainment category. You may also use the search engine to look for Christian drama scripts.

Anastasis Productions
Anastasis Productions is specializing in comedy, music, and drama, with a Christian message. They are a multi-faceted performing arts group that uses theater arts to glorify God and proclaim His Word. Please visit their website to know more about them and what they offer.

Artists in Christian Testimony
Artists in Christian Testimony International provides training to mission leaders to become effective in communicating the Gospel through music and arts. At present, they have 136 ministry departments. They also offer online courses, forums, and conferences lead by highly trained and experienced Arts-Ministry Specialists.

Baker's Plays
Baker's Plays have full-length plays from many publishers available. They have one-act plays, as well as musicals. Other available resources include theater books, revue sketches, costume designs, and many more.

Bible Knowledge Store
Christian dramas in audio CD or DVD are available at Bible Knowledge Store. Use their search engine to look for these drama resources. Just type the keyword "drama."

Christ-Drama Publishing
At Christ-Drama Publishing, you will find information on exciting and original Christian drama productions. They have broadway style musical scripts and one act scripts.
Please go to and enter drama or skit in the search engine. You will find hundreds and thousands of results in books and dvds and other resources.

Christian Dramas gives you access to hundreds of Christian dramas. Their materials are professionally edited and usable in the context of worship. They also have short 3-4 minute skits are perfect for use in the context of a Sunday morning service or a worship service. There are also longer seasonal plays for Christmas and Easter.

Christian Forecasters
Find hundreds of free Christian skits at Christian Forecasters. There are funny skits, serious skits, short and long skits, as well as the latest holiday skits. They also provide audio and sound effects for the plays.

Christian Musicals
Free online Christian dramas with free accompaniment music are available at Free musical drama scripts include Jesse, Arise!, Blind Sight, and Best Friends. Read and get these scripts from

Christian plays, Christian Scripts, and Christian Drama Resources
The Christian play "It's Not Too Late", a musical drama based on the Columbine tragedy and a story of decisions people make about God, can be purchased on this website. This Christian play has been performed by over 210 Christian and church drama groups and drama ministries worldwide. It can be performed as a musical or a drama.

Christian Skit Scripts
Free Christian Skits scripts

Christian Videos; God tube brings you fantastic Christian video clips. You can also find video skits here. Just type "skit" or "skits" or “drama” in their search engine.

Christian Website
Links to different websites that offer Christian drama resources are found at Christian Website. They are found under the Drama link.
Get your Christian drama DVDs at They have Christian drama books, dvds and curriculum for kids, teenagers, and adults.

Church Dramas
Comedy and drama scripts for the Sunday service are available at Church Dramas website. They have short topical drama scripts, about 3-4 minutes in length, for worship service use. Visit their website for their scripts.

Costumes, Makeup, Lighting, Sound
links to companies that specialize in costumes, makeup, lighting and sound and other drama script sources

Creative Ladies Ministry
Christian skits and drama resources for your events are available on this website. There are some that you may download from the CLM website.

CrossPoint Scripts
CrossPoint have over 500 premium church drama scripts. To find the script you want, you can do a topical search of use their script parameters at the top of the list.

Drama skits and scripts are available for purchase at Deeper Shopping Books online store. Use their search engine to look for these scripts. Type "scripts" or "skits" or “drama” on the search engine.

Drama - HiS-Net
On this website, you will find links to other websites that offer drama resources.

Dramashare is the world's largest center for royalty-free Christian drama scripts, skits, sketches, sermon starters, full length drama, plus proven ministry organization and training support for your entire ministry.

Dramatic License
Dramatic License make the Bible come alive through creative, funny and thought-provoking short-form dramatic scripts. Their scripts are free and available to churches and other Christian organizations who agree to perform them to the glory of God. Visit their website for their scripts.

Family Christian Stores
You can purchase drama DVDs, books, etc. at Family Christian Stores. Just type the keyword "drama" or "skit" in their search engine.

God's Masterpiece
God's Masterpiece, is an inspiring 90-minute musical theater presentation of the life of Christ. It is an Easter passion play with original music. You can preview the DVD on its official website and get tips on how to perform and produce this theater presentation.

Good Stories: The Word in Drama
The Word in Drama are a series of 3-4 minute skits for introducing sermons. There are drama skits for special occasions and general themes like spiritual nourishment, commitment, confession, rejection, etc.

Grace's Resource Place
Look for drama resources at the Arts section or Worship & Arts Index located on the left menu. They have website links to drama ministry, theater ministry, mime ministry and puppet ministry.

Christian drama plays and sermon illustrations

Let Us Teach Kids
This website has scripts for skits and puppet presentations. They are available for purchase at affordable prices.

Lets Skit Crazy
Chances are you've found this site after searching the web for high-quality, Bible-based, original and fun skit scripts for you or your church's drama team to perform.
LifeWay, Biblical Solutions for Life
LifeWay is an Christian online store. Aside from books, audio CDs and DVDs, they also have skits and drama resources for sale. Type the keyword "skit" “skits” or “drama” in the search engine to look for these drama materials.

Lillenas Publishing Company
Lillenas Publishing Company distributes program resources books on skits, drama, sketches, musical plays, etc. They have scripts for special occasions and other themes. Type the keyword skit or drama in the search engine to look for these resources.

Living Light Production
Living Light Production is the website of Alan Atwood. He offers Christian drama skits, Christian plays and drama resources. Alan Atwood also offers drama and theater workshops (acting, directing, writing, stage management or starting a drama ministry).

Mardel Christian and Education
Mardel Christian and Education is an online store. They sell books, audio CDs, DVDs; and they also have skits and drama resources for sale. Type the keyword skit or drama in the search engine to look for these drama materials.

Master's Image Productions
Master's Image Productions website has drama and comedy presentations suitable for a wide variety of venues. They also perform for worship services, conferences, retreats and special events.

Minsky Ministries
This website contains Christian drama, plays, music and other Christian resources. They have scripts or skits for beginner or pro, musical drama scripts, musical score, CDs, DVDs, and scripts in other languages (Spanish, German, Italian).

Mission-Minded Skits
Mission-Minded Skits is a book by David C. Cook. It contains 25 dramatic skits for outreach and evangelism use. The scripts cover a variety of topics and you can also customize them for a specific audience or culture. The book also features practical how-to guides for holding auditions and planning rehearsals.
Type Mission Minded Skits in the search engine to find it.

Missions Drama
The script has been made available online on the website link provided. The drama is about a person sharing with a group how he has been led by the Lord to go into missions. Then two demons come in the scene and try to do everything to discourage the person from doing missions.

MST Ministries
One of the ministries of Mark Schaufler is the Drama Ministry. His team utilizes drama in youth ministry and short-term mission trips. They have script books covering various topics and group sizes, as well as training resources. They also offer drama workshops/seminars and they help train other people in this ministry. You can find their drama materials under the Online Store link.

Parable Christian Stores
Parable Christian Stores is an online store. They sell all sorts of Christian products-DVDs, music, software, eBooks, books, Bibles. They also have skits and drama resources for sale. Type the keyword skit or drama in the search engine to look for these drama materials. Youth Ministry Resource Galore is your one stop site to all kinds of youth ministry resources. Their resources are free for youth workers and everybody. Type the keyword drama or skit in the search engine at the simply youth ministry above or freebies website above for their drama materials.

Puppet Resources
You can find many links to other puppet resources websites here at Puppet Resources. There are also links to websites with drama scripts.
Riley's serve great and fresh church drama. They have hundreds of scripts you can purchase at an affordable price.

Rosebud School of the Arts
Rosebud School of the Arts provide facilities, organization, education and top-quality programs in the realm of the arts to express God's wonderful and universal gifts to His children. They teach theater arts and hold workshops and theater shows.

Scripts by Warren
This is a Christian drama website where you can receive your script the same day you order them. Over 250 scripts written by Christian playwright, Warren Sager, are available on the website.

Skit Guys
Tommy and Eddie are the skit guys. They can write original Christian skit scripts for your use in church worship services or other ministries. They also have available scripts on their online store. They also have a television program which is seen on Sky Angel.

Skits and Stuffs
Skits and Stuffs offer a variety of written materials that are fresh, fun, creative and different. Sample excerpts are available for viewing before you but the full script. If you can't find the script you are looking for, you can also contact them and order a customized and personalized skit.

SKITuations is a children's church curriculum using drama as the central teaching "tool." With over 100 skits, written in "soap opera" style, the children become attached to the consistent 5 characters (adults who portray the children characters) as they model the Christian life on stage. The skits are packaged in theme-based volumes and include skit-related activities to do right after the skit, and during the week with their families. If you go to this website, be warned that some people will scream skituations when you open up their website, so turn down your volume.

U Act 2 GREEN Drama Resource DVD/CD
U Act 2 is a collection of dramas created by Dan and Suzie Potter. Some of the dramas are about hope.. These dramas have been tested in many countries. They contain what is needed to connect with the listener. You can also put the words drama or skit in the search engine to see other books at the website.

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