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Guidebook to Train Christian Radio Programmers

Miami, FL (LAMNS)-Proclaiming the Gospel; Guidelines for Local Christian Radio by Kenneth D. MacHarg is a new guidebook designed to help Christian radio programmers outside of North America develop compelling, quality broadcasts.

Published by the Miami-based Latin America Mission, the new volume was written especially to help those Christian individuals and churches in developing countries that have obtained stations or programming time but aren't sure what to do with them.

"The Christian broadcaster who rushes into the development of a new program or the programming of a new station without proper planning is bound to run into difficulties," MacHarg wrote in the book. "You must fully answer the question 'what does God want me to say to whom?' Once you have determined that, all of the other pieces will easily fall into place."

MacHarg developed the idea for the book after speaking at a Christian writer's conference in Temuco, Chile several years ago. "I found many Latin Americans who were getting into radio or wanted to, but who had absolutely no resources to help them," he said. "In a seminary library in Temuco I was not able to find one book or pamphlet that gave guidance on how to develop quality Christian programming."

Proclaiming the Gospel begins with a biblical perspective on communication, then moves to discussions about programming style, developing a smooth-flowing, coherent program format, the selection of speakers and music, announcing and studio techniques, promotion and publicity, the funding of Christian radio programming and additional resources.

"In the last ten or more years, God has raised up a new era of broadcasting with low-powered Christian radio," said Allan McGuirl, president of Hamilton, Ontario-based Galcom, a ministry that provides fledgling Christian operations around the world with low-cost transmitters and studios and solar-powered receivers. "This has made possible the placing of small radio stations in many countries around the world."

McGuirl asked MacHarg to write the book a year ago. Galcom is helping to provide a Spanish translation of the book that will be available in mid-2003. The English edition will be available for $6 plus shipping from LAM in early March, 2003.

Radio is "a tool that can be applied by many, many people," wrote LAM president David Befus in a foreword. "This book takes us, step by step, through the journey to becoming directly involved in radio broadcasting."

The book "does not replicate anything else on the market," said Ralph Kurtenbach, a broadcaster with missionary radio station HCJB in Quito, Ecuador. "The uniquely Christian approach is what sets it off from any other broadcasting how-to books there might be out there."

MacHarg brings long media experience to the writing of the book. He served as a missionary broadcaster with HCJB in Ecuador and has also worked at several radio stations in the Louisville, Kentucky, area. He has taught communications at several colleges and at the Miami International Seminary in Miami, Florida. He is the author of four other books and currently is a missionary journalist and Communication's Coordinator for the Latin America Mission.

The author called on the expertise of experts from Christian missionary broadcasters such as HCJB, FEBC, Trans World Radio, Voz Cristiana and Adventist World Radio as well as others with experience in the field.

While the book is primarily designed for Christians outside of North America, its insights into programming and Christian radio operations will be most valuable to anyone who wants to get into the field of Christian broadcasting anywhere.

The book will be published by Editorial Buena Semilla in Bogota, Colombia, and will be available for $6.00 plus $2.00 shipping in the U.S. and $3.00 shipping elsewhere in the world. Discounts are available for multiple copies and to libraries, bookstores and other Christian mission organizations. It may be ordered from Latin America Mission, Box 52-7900, Miami, FL 33152 USA.

It can be ordered from the Latin American Mission Store. It is a little hard to find on their website.

Please contact Latin American Mission for more information.

It is sold on the Latin American Mission Store below.

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