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Using Your Cell or Mobile Phone for Evangelism and to Share Godís Word

How I Started Using My Mobile Phone For Evangelism
Read and be inspired on this article, a testimony of how the writer has been using mobile phone effectively to spread God's Word.

Internet Evangelism Idea #5: Using Cell Phones for Evangelism
This article post is part 5 in the series 20 Ways to Share Your Faith Online. You can read this article at Christian Web Trends.

Mobile Evangelism Wiki
Visit the Mobile Evangelism Wiki website if you want to learn how you can effectively use your mobile phones to spread the Word of God. The page contains an outlined article about mobile evangelism. Topics include: Approaches of Mobile Evangelism, Focuses of Mobile Christian Involvement, Articles about Use and Significance of Mobile Platform, and many more.

Mobile Phone and Other Devices
Read this article about how to use your mobile phones and other devices to evangelize.

Mobile Phone Evangelism
Posted at Internet Evangelism Day, read this article on how you can use your mobile devices to effectively share the Word of God to your friends, colleagues, family and relatives.

Mobile Phone Evangelism
In this article, you can read different opinions about mobile phone evangelism, whether it is good or bad. Visit the website link to read the article posted at the ByFaith blog site.

Mobile Phone Increase Evangelism Potential
This article, written by Lauren Hunter, talks about mobile device statistics and how you can use digital communication to communicate the Gospel in all parts of the world.

The Little Phone That Could: Mobile-Empowered Ministry
This is a strategic article advocating the potential of mobile phone in evangelism and ministry. Download the PDF version of this article at Digital Evangelism Issues. You can find the article in their archive section.

Back to the Bible
Back to the Bibleís Cell Phone Ministry helps to spread the Word of God to all people in the world. The Cell Phone Ministry delivers daily messages from Scripture in different languages. You may choose the language you want. Visit the website of Back to the Bible for information on how you can be part of this ministry.

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