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Bible and Scripture Memorization Programs, Books and Software

An Advanced Scripture Memory Program

Answers in Genesis

An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture

Bible By Heart

The Bible Memory Email Discussion List
A 400+ member mailing list dedicated only to the topic of scripture memorization. List archives are available on-line. On line since 1998! List archives (1500+ messages) are available on-line.

Figure 8 Scripture Memory by Meditation System

Free Bible Memory Software
Scripture Memory System

Free Scripture Memory Software
The Scripture Memory System for Windows
InVerse Scripture Memorization
Lamp Light Scripture Memory Coach

I Love GOD'S WORD - Scripture Memory in Song for Young Children.
I Love GOD'S WORD is an interactive children's book, designed like a suitcase. Your child learns scripture and can sing along to the CD (included in the book). Use this wonderful tool to help teach your children the Word of God! This book is used internationally, has been acclaimed by prominent Christian leaders, and is available FREE to Missionaries.

Jack Van Impe Ministries International Scripture Memorization

Lamp Light Scripture Memory Coach

Memlock Bible Memory System

Memlok Bible Memory System FAQ
this site is well done

Memorize His Word

Memorize Scriptures from A to Z

Memory Cross

Memory Man

Memory Verse Cards
free downloads

My Verses for Scripture Memorization and Meditation software
free evaluation, 12.95 to buy

Navpress Topical Memory System

Nazarene Bible Memorization Program for Children

Parent Handbook For Scripture Memory
The Importance of Helping Your Child Memorize Scripture

Scripture Memorization Program
A plan to memorize and retain scripture

Scripture Memory Challenge, a web site to encourage Bible memory throughout the world. Our goal is to get to know and enjoy God and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ more fully through His Word.

Scripture Memory Connection
The Scripture Memory Connection. A detailed description of the how and why of memorizing scripture. Also hosts a 400+ member mailing list dedicated only to the topic of scripture memorization. List archives are available on-line.

Scripture Memory Fellowship International
Memory books organize memory process for young children through adults

Scripture Memory Links
this site is well done

Scripture Memory Principles

Scripture Memory System Advanced v6.4 freeware

Scripture Memory System for Windows

Shop Redeemed
This webstore has a few bible memorization books.
lookf or Bible Memorization under Biblical Reference

Three Thirty Club
The Three Thirty Club is an exciting fun filled journey in Bible memorization and scriptural meditation. You will memorize 30 wonderful pages of Christian scripture. Each page is called a "Meditation." There are thirty Meditations covering the major verses in the Bible.

The Two Edged Sword Memory Plan
Jerry Sivnksty
Two-Edged Sword Book 2: Character
Retail price: $3.75
Publisher: Nystrom Publishing Company
The Two-Edged Sword Memory Plan consists of 26 subjects. Under each subject there are five verses, providing a total of 130 verses. Since a year consists of 52 weeks, we have designed a plan whereby you memorize only 26 weeks out of the year and review or meditate upon those verses the other 26 weeks of the year. Of course, this will vary for those using the plan in the classroom. Each subject correlates with the title of the memory plan to help you retain the verses memorized. This is illustrated on a separate page to assist you in memorizing the entire plan.

Thy Word Creations
Thy Word Creations takes the work out of memorizing classic Bible chapters. Chapter Memory Systems use word-for-word songs to make the process almost effortless for children, teens and adults. We have just released CDs as an alternative to the book/tape memory combination.

Topical Memory System

Wholesome Words
Scripture Memorization Program
A Scripture Memorization Program For You.
Christian home and Family Scripture Memorization Program

Why Can't I Memorize?

Why Memorize Scripture

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