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Paul Chappell on Soul Winning or Evangelism


To Seek and To Save

Ministry 127

3 Biblical Purposes for a Church Soul Winning Program

3 Truths About the Greatest Gift Ever Given

5 Helpful Follow Up Methods Every Christian Can Use

5 Ways to Engage Your Community with the Gospel

5 Ways to Help Your Church be Soul Conscious

7 Habits of Concerned Soul Winners

Establishing an Effective Soul Winning Program

Following Through on Follow Up

Habits of Fruitful Soul Winners

In Their Shoes: Cultivating Compassion

It is the Season for Soul Winning

Qualities to Admire in Fishers of Men

The Convictions of a Soul Winner

What Too Many Christians Have Forgotten

3 People Who Can Use Christmas a Gospel

5 Building Supplies for a Soulwinning Church

8 Ways to Prepare for a Fall Soulwinning Relaunch

10 Ways Everyone Should Prepare for an Evangelistic

Are We Reaching the Lost? 4 Reminders for Making Soulwinning a Priority

Effective Soulwinning Tips for Busy Christians

How to Have a Personal Harvest of Souls

Soulwinning Knows No Seasons

Statements that Challenge You

Sermon Audio

We Stand for Soul Winning

Striving Together Publications


First Steps For New Christians

Out of Commission

Sending Forth Laborers

To Seek and To Save

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