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Conservative Christian Radio Stations Online Internet Streaming

Conservative Christian Radio Stations

Abiding Radio
Abiding Radio is a unique internet radio ministry which provides conservative sacred, vocal, and instrumental Christian music to listeners all over the world. Current streams available include: instrumental, sacred, kids, bluegrass, hymns, and seasonal.

Afterglow is a weekly half-hour sacred music production that offers one of the finest music/talk programs available anywhere in America. It is currently being received by over two hundred stations in the United States, the Caribbean, and the Far East. The production is digitally mastered and duplicated and provides an outstanding blend of uniquely styled traditional and contemporary Christian music.

American Family Radio
American Family Radio is a listener supported broadcast ministry of the American Family Association. It motivates and equips individuals in restoring American culture to its moral foundations. AFR does this in a variety of ways with both its music/teaching format, as well as its Christian Conservative Talk format.

Avinu - Sacred Hymns
You can listen to timeless hymns on this website. There are also a number of contemporary songs and southern gospel pieces you can listen to on this site.

Baptist Radio Network
Baptist Radio Network spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ through worldwide live-streaming and through a network of radio stations across the globe. They have a large library of radio broadcasts in multiple languages. This is available to Christian radio stations around the world via live-streaming on their website.
On this link,
look for the choose your channel link. The choices are preaching, instrumental, vocal, Christmas, Arabic, French,Spanish, and Greek.

Bible Broadcasting Network
Charlotte, NC
BBN is a ministry that meets spiritual needs of people through radio programs. They broadcast daily prayer times, children's programs, Bible teaching, teen programs, and family guidance programs. BBN is available in languages such as English, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese.

The Bible Truth Radio
The Bible Truth Radio ministry provides music and entertainment that is pleasing to God. All preachers, evangelists, and guests are all members of a Bible-believing independent fundamental Baptist church. All preaching and teaching is strictly from God's preserved and inspired Word which is the King James Bible.

Calvary Radio
Calvary Radio is a conservative Christian FM radio station reaching Northeast Uganda with the Gospel. It broadcasts daily from 5:30 in the morning until 11:00 in the evening. It broadcasts both music and Christian programming, with an emphasis on Bible preaching and teaching. Additionally, locally produced news and sports broadcasts keep the community informed and involved.

Christian Tuner
This page contains website links where you can listen to Christian radio programs.

Crown Radio
Crown Radio provides Christian programming and music online 24/7 to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus.

FBC Radio
FBC Radio is the campus radio station of Foundations Bible College & Theological Seminary in Dunn, North Carolina. They bring uncompromising melody and message of sacred traditional music and Bible preaching in an age of the ever-increasing influence of worldly styles and arrrangements.

Fundamental Broadcasting Network
FBN is a listener-supported ministry founded by Pastor Clyde Eborn of Grace Baptist Church in Newport, NC. FBN provides quality Christian broadcasts that can benefit the unsaved, as well as encourage the Christian in their daily walk with the Lord. They do this by using preaching and teaching programs with only the King James version of the Bible and offering old-fashioned, conservative, Christ-honoring music. It features full length sermons, short devotionals, Bible stories and dramatizations for all ages.

Gospel 90.3
Gospel 90.3 is a listener-supported, non-profit, Christian radio station in Central Florida. They broadcast sacred, southern gospel, and bluegrass gospel music. Their programming also includes powerful Bible preaching and teaching.

Grace Broadcasting Network
Grace Broadcasting Network is a radio ministry of Grace Baptist Church of Gaylord, Michigan. Through this radio ministry, GBC has the privilege of spreading the good news of the Gospel throughout Northern Michigan.

Heaven 88.7 FM
Heaven 88.7 FM is being operated by the Master's Baptist College of Fargo. It is a commercial free-listener supported radio station. The station broadcasts sacred music and brief Bible instructional programs.

Hymns Radio
Hymns Radio is an online radio station whose goal is to provide listeners with continuous access to hymns that are rich in Biblical truth, high quality, and enjoyable.

IBRBC (Independent Baptist Radio Broadcasting Christ)
IBRBC plays music that is scriptural or doctrinally sound. They do not play Christian music that has a backbeat or emphasizes the beat over the melody. If you are looking for such Christian music, tune in to IBRBC.

KCAS (Know Christ As Savior) Christ Centered Radio
KCAS ministry broadcasts 24 hours a day and can be heard online or at 91.5 FM. They broadcast Christian music, Christian sermons and talks, and more.

KHYM provides music and prograaming for Christians that may be an oasis from many stations available today. It provides praise and encouragement where faith and inspiration meet.

KJAB 88.3 FM Christian Radio
KJAB Christian Radio is a ministry of Soul's Harbor Baptist Church of Mexico, Missouri. It is dedicated to two major tasks in its broadcasting: 1. To present through preaching and music the Gospel message that Jesus Christ saves sinners who will repent and trust in Him as their Savior; 2. To encourage the saints of God in their daily walk with the Lord through informative programming. They broadcast southern Gospel and Gospel bluegrass music with a conservative flavor.

KNVBC provides Christian music and programming to encourage, equip, and challenge Christians around the world.

KOLU Christian Family Radio
KOLU Christian Family Radio broadcasts family-friendly music and programming highlighting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their content ranges from sets of Christ-honoring music to Bible teaching and preaching programs along with news and public affairs. They also set aside special times for children's programming to reach their goal of programming that serves the entire family. Their conservative content remains true to biblical standards.

KSRP is also known as Conservative Christian Radio. It is a public outreach ministry of Bible Baptist Church. Tune in to 89.1 FM to hear grat preaching and music 24/7.

Lancaster Baptist Church Internet Radio
Lancaster Baptist Church Internet Radio play conservative and uplifting music produced by Lancaster Baptist Church and West Coast Baptist College. You can listen to music on their website, on your phone, or by downloading their app.

Lighthouse Christian Radio
Lighthouse Christian Radio is a ministry of Souls Harbor Baptist Church in Milwaukee, WI. The Lighthouse Christian Radio offers preachings that point to Christ, uplifting music, soung Bible teaching programs, and news and information pertinent to the local area and beyond.

Moody Radio
Moody Radio delivers practical and life-changing content through their radio programs. Visit their website for their daily program schedule.

Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio
Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio plays great old fashioned Christian music. It doesn't play Christian rock; most songs are in sacred/traditional Christian genre.

Rejoice Radio
For Christian radio at its best, listen to Rejoice Radio. You'll be encouraged by music and programs that help you walk with the Lord.

Roloff Ministries Radio Station
These radio stations play the Family Altar Program and most of these stations should be conservative.

Sounds of Joy
Sounds of Joy is a program that revisits time-honored sacred music.

The Oak 90.9 FM Solid Christian Radio
This Christian Radio station broadcasts music, preachings, and teachings from the Bible. Visit their website for their daily program schedule.

Truth Radio: WTBJ 91.3 & WTBB 89.9
Truth Radio is a listenere supported ministry designed to reach the lost with the saving Gospel of Christ, while encouraging Christian growth in believers. A variety of programming is used to teach the only source of God's absolute truth which is the Bible. Edifying music, dramas, and Biblical preaching are broadcasted, along with programs that strengthen listeners in all areas of life, including family, finances, health, and the Christian walk.

VCY America Radio
The VCY America Radio Network features solid Biblical teaching programs, live call-in programs on issues of concern to the Christian community, news and commentary, children's programs, and conservative, uplifting Christian music.

WAJJ Christian Radio
WAJJ Christian Radio is an outreach ministry of Temple Broadcasting Company, Inc. It is a radio ministry of the Island Ford Baptist Church in Madisonville, KY. They offer great Southern Gospel music, sound Gospel preaching, and informative programs to help our listeners grow in grace and in knowledge. Visit their website to view their program schedule.

WBIC 97.3 Wilson
WBIC believes that the world needs spirit-filled preaching and teaching. Therefore, they provide you with Bible preachings and teaching that you need to grow in your faith each day. Visit their website for their daily program schedule.

WBLW (We Broadcast Living Words)
This is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church in Gaylord, MI. They broadcast gospel music, Bible preachings, and Spirit-filled teaching on their radio station.

WBOF Radio
WBOF is dedicated to old-fashioned, conservative, Christian programming.

WCCA is the only Christian radio station located in Scottsville. They air preachers who teach and preach God's word and not their opinions. They play music that is conservative, based on Bible principles, and does not imitate the world's style of music.

WCTS Radio
WCTS Radio ministers the message of the Gospel through music and Bible teaching.

WDCY (Word Christian Broadcasting)
Word Christian Broadcasting is currently broadcasting on three AM radio stations: WDCY 1520 Douglasville, WDPC 1500 Dallas, and WNEA 1300 Newnan. Their format is traditional Christian.

WDYN Radio
WDYN Radio broadcasts wonderful music and great preaching from God's Word. You can listen from their website or via the TuneIn app.

WEEC 100.7 FM (World Evangelistic Enterprise Corporation)
WEEC broadcasts 86 different programs on their radio station. They broadcast 77 hourse of uninterrupted music and over 177 hours of inspirational and informational programming. Visit their website for their program schedule.

WGCR Radio 720 AM-94.9 FM
WGCR is a conservative Gospel radio station licensed for daytime broadcasting over 720 AM. It broadcasts traditional hymns, conservative classic southern Gospel music, and some of America's finest Bible preaching.

WHGT 1590 AM
This Christian radio station broadcasts good singing and preaching.

WHPY 1590 AM Fellowship Christian Radio
WHPY is a Christian, non-commercial, listener-supported radio station. It broadcasts preachings, Christian music, news, weather, and more. Visit their website for their program schedule.

WHWL (Witnessing His Wonderful Love)
WHWL broadcasts Bible-teaching programs and traditional, conservative music.

WJJJ - FM 88.1 Mhz
You can listen to Christian choral, Christian solo, or Christian instrumental on WJJJ 88.1 Mhz and over the internet.

WMSD 90.9 FM (We Magnify Sound Doctrine)
This is a Bible-believing radio station. It broadcasts 24/7 programming (preaching, teaching, music) that honors God and His Word.

WOEL (Words Of Eternal Life for Mankind)
WOEL broadcasts music and programming that lifts up God and proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The programs of WOEL consist of Bible teaching and preaching, Christian education, commentaries, public services, news, weather, children's programs, and great gospel music.

WOTR (Word Of Truth Radio)
Word of Truth Radio provides relaxing Christian music and inspiring instrumental hymns.

The WPIP 880 AM radio station carrie over 30 local Bible-believing churches and their programs. Their format is conservative Christian. They carry some of the great preachers of years gone by such as Dr. Oliver Greene, Brother Lester Roloff, Dr. Bob Jones Sr, and Brother Maze Jackson.

WSOF Christian Radio
WSOF Christian Radio feature programs that inform and educate listeners about the Gospel of Christ. They also broadcast Christian music hand-picked from the oldest to the newest selections so that listeners of any age may enhoy hymns and songs that stir the sould and bless the heart.

WTBI 91.5 FM
WTBI is a ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church. It broadcasts preachings, Bible teachings, music, and more. Visit their website for their daily program schedule.

WTYG 91.5 & 107.1 Christian Radio
WTYG is a ministry of Central Baptist Church in Ocala, Florida. They have some of the best Christian broadcasting available with their Bible, family, and children's programming. This ministry spreads the gospel using fundamental preaching and music.

WVMB (Voice of Madison Baptist)
Among the many ministries of Madison Baptist Church is their online radio, the WVMB. Their radio broadcasts sermons and conservative music.

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