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The Heart of Man Chart by All Nations Gospel Publishers

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If you would like to print the Heart of Man Chart off the website or order the Heart of Man Chart, please visit this link

The Heart of Man Chart by All Nations Gospel Publishers

Heart of Man Chart Pictures

Heart of Man Charts are an effective tool to reach people with the gospel. It is used mainly in India and Africa. The people who make the Heart of Man Chart need to make it easier to buy. Here are the best places to buy it. Some of the places that might sell it might not respond to email so you might have to call them, write them on paper or fax them.

Large Heart of Man Charts are available in South Africa


All Nations Gospel Publishers
P.O. Box 2191
Pretoria 0001
South Africa
Phone: + 27 12 327 44 41
Fax: + 27 12 327 25 78

This ministry has no email address. You need to call, fax or write them with paper mail.

The prices below are old and might have changed. I think I received these prices sometime in July 2009. It costs $22.00 US dollars for one heart of man chart. This large heart of man chart has African features on the people pictures. If you buy seven at one time, it costs $71 US dollars. This price includes the commission taken by banks.
If you want the large heart of man chart with European features, it costs $23.00 US dollars for one heart of man chart. It costs $59 US dollars for five heart of man charts with European features. This price includes the commission taken by banks.
These prices include packing an postage costs. All Nations Gospel Publishers receives currency from Europe, The United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. If you send cash, please register your letter to ensure that they receive your payment. If you send cash bank notes or a bank draft or a telegraphic transfer, you can subtract $5 US dollars from your order.

All Nations Gospel Publishers prints and distributes tracts in many of the languages spoken throughout South Africa and may include other countries as well. They have got publications mainly in African Languages. Ask for their list of publications. In Swahili , they have "The Heart of Man" and "Who will deliver me?"
Every Home for Christ has a booklet called "Choose the Ruler of your Heart" which Every Home for Christ uses with the Heart of Man Chart.

A ministry called Wheels for Godís Word distributes the Large Heart of Man Chart. This ministry is in Cape Town, South Africa.

If you click on their Resources link on their home page, it looks like they sell the Heart of Man Chart and explanatory booklet.

Wheels for God

The is the African version of the Heart of Man Chart. They have a phone, fax, email address and physical address on their website. It is hard to know for sure if they sell it. If they do not answer by email, you will have to call, write them on paper or fax them.
This link will show you the prices. I think they also sell the explanatory booklet
The Heart of Man Chart consists of 10 colorful 900mm X 600mm pictures. A visual presentation of the Gospel, and is powerfully effective, specially in rural Africa where the people are illiterate. Price R50.00 or $7.The Heart of Man Explanatory Booklets explain the condition of a manís heart through animal pictures with which people can identify in everyday life and cultural stories. Price R2.00 or $1

Good News Namibia
information on the Heart of Man Chart for Africa

The Heart of Man Chart in India
Bangalore, India

It looks like you may order it from this ministry in India. There are two different versions of the Heart of Man Chart. One is for India and another version is for Africa.

The HEART OF RAJU (in English), a 22 pp pocket/passport size booklet and in other Indian languages in 2 colours 32 pages has been re-designed and developed from the original tract, to specifically penetrate the non-Christian mindset of young and old alike, making a deep impression as the gospel is made relevant to them. The language level is simple but not childish. Each booklet carries a coupon for a free Emmaus Bible Correspondence course and details of Christian Radio programmes in their language. This info guarantees immediate follow-up opportunities for them. The HEART OF RAJU booklet cost is not much more than an ordinary tract but it packs more punch and people hang on to it longer, often passing it on to their family. It is available in English, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Urdu, Nepali. The same thousand copies costs Rs.1,500/- only.

The style and approach of this booklet does not clash with non Christian mindsets. The 'HEART OF MAN' chart is the focus. All issues are common to all and easily identified with. The solution is also presented effectively and the response to our Lord Jesus is overwhelmingly positive. It is a powerful Gospel Tool for evangelism.

The charts are printed on high quality imported 220gsm art paper; 8 pages, 30 x 20 inches of multi-coloured artwork, expertly laminated with pine-wood clamp. They are wordless and therefore effective across linguistic and cultural barriers anywhere in the world. They are made to last. With very little practice volunteers can hold crowds of young and old spellbound with short, to the point, attention grabbing presentations.

With the chart an instruction manual and a special synthetic waterproof zipped cover for only Rs.230/-. There are extra shipping costs, please contact the ministry to know the total cost.

If you want to order it, please contact

Cornerstone Ministries
49, Hutchins Main Road,
Bangalore 560 084, India
Cell : 919448074242
Phone : 080 25463409

Every Home for Christ

The websites below will give more information regarding the Heart of Man Chart.

Love Mozambique


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