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Asia Pacific Institute of Buddhist Studies

Institute of Buddhist Studies is perhaps the only Christian institute dedicated to the combined study of Buddhism and strategic mission thinking. If you are interested in special training for ministering to people influenced by Buddhist worldviews, the Asia Pacific Institute of Buddhist Studies is at the campus of Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS) in Baguio, Philippines.


Buddha’s Prophecy of the Messiah
Book by Inta Chanthavongsouk
Endorsed by these noted persons as a helpful book in our quest to reach out to Buddhists:

Dr. A. Dale Golding, Far East Broadcasting Company chaplain comments, "Although I have lived and worked in Asia for 30 years, I was not aware of the prophetic teaching of Buddha concerning the coming Messiah. Reading this book has been a revelation. I commend Inta Chanthavongsouk for his diligent research which has resulted in he authorship of this book and I recommend it as a valuable missionary tool."
Pat Kamert, a Bible study leader says, "This book helped me to understand Buddha's true teaching and to relate better to those of the Buddhist faith with whom I am working. It opened the door for many conversations and exchanges of ideas."

Get the book from the Lao Conference of Churches for $5.00 (plus postage)
Or click this link:


Communicating Christ in the Buddhist World
by Paul De Neui and David Lim
This is the fourth and latest volume in the Buddhist World series. Compiled from papers presented at the annual SEANET Missiological Forum in Thailand, Communicating Christ in the Buddhist World delivers fresh insights from mission theologians and practitioners. You can buy this book at Please enter Buddhism in the search engine at the website above to find more books on Buddhism.


How to Share One's Faith with a Buddhist?
Those that have gone through "Bridges" know how it can help one learn to share one's faith with a Muslim, but -- is there a "bridges" for Buddhism? A friend of mine is asking where are the resources for learning to share with them? If you have a tip or a resource, please use the Comment box associated with the web version of this item to fill us all in! Thanks in advance for any leads.


Peoples of the Buddhist World: A Christian Prayer Guide
by Paul Hattaway
In Peoples of the Buddhist World, researcher and author Paul Hattaway profiles almost 250 Buddhist people groups throughout the world, illustrated with 467 superb full-colour photographs. In addition, various experts have contributed 13 articles on various aspects of Buddhism to help readers pray more effectively. Hattaway has managed to portray the Buddhist world in a personal way, drawing on his experience of more than 15 years living and working in Asia to powerfully communicate the heart beat of Jesus for Buddhist people. This book follows on in the style of Hattaway's Operation China and several other prayer books he has authored in recent years.

Peoples of the Buddhist World (CD-ROM)
by Paul Hattaway
Peoples of the Buddhist World is packed with 238 people profiles, hundreds of beautiful color photos and "38 brand-new custom maps" which can also be used in personalized documents and ministry presentations. Text is hyperlinked to maps, tables and is fully- searchable in both Windows and Mac. Informative, easy to use and a visual treat, it will bless concerned Christians, missionaries, mission agencies working among Buddhists and ultimately Buddhist peoples themselves.


Sharing Christ in the Tibetan Buddhist World
by Markku Tsering
Sharing Christ in the Tibetan Buddhist world gives great insight for Christians who want to know how to relate more effectively to people of the Tibetan Buddhist faith, and to Christians who are thinking about incorporating Tibetan Buddhism into their own Christianity. This book gives better insight into the vast differences in worldview between Tibetan Buddhism and Intracultural Christianity. Marku Tsering provides the tools for Christians who are interested in to be able to enter the Tibetan Buddhist world and not offend and alienate but make friends. That is what life is all about anyway.

Sharing Jesus Effectively in the Buddhist World
(Sharing Jesus in the Buddhist World series)
Book by: David Lim, Steve Spaulding, & Paul De Neui, eds.

This is the third book in the “Sharing Jesus in the Buddhist World” series, written by Evangelical mission “reflective practitioners” who are committed to developing more effective ways to win the Buddhist peoples to the Lord Jesus Christ. The opening chapter describes “The Changing Demographic Context of Global Buddhism.”; the next six describe some of the best models of mission approaches for reaching Buddhists; and the last four depict some past and present “people movements” or “church planting movements.”
Sharing Jesus Effectively in the Buddhist World
ISBN: 9780878085095 You may buy it here


Sharing Your Faith With a Buddhist
by Madasamy Thirumalai
More and more North American Christians have contact with Buddhists, but few Christians understand their beliefs well enough to converse with this group. The author, an Indian now living and teaching at a Bible college in the United States, helps readers understand the unique aspects of this religion and gives clear, practical pointers on sharing the Gospel with Buddhists. The book is also helpful for missionaries or short-termers in cultures where Buddhism is practiced.


Sonrise Center For Buddhist Studies
This blog site is where you can find valuable training tools and resources for Christian ministry to Buddhists. You can also access vital maps, charts, testimonies, and short vignettes on historic missionaries to the Buddhist world. Their resources are just the beginning of a virtual library of vital helps for you to reach out to your Buddhist neighbor with the Gospel. The mission is to equip the Christian community with relevant information and appropriate training for ministry in a Buddhist or Asian pluralistic context.

-------------------------------- is a Christian online store that sells books, DVDs, and many more resources. They have resources about Christianity and Buddhism. Please type "Buddhism" or "Buddhist" in the search engine and you will get at least 25 results or more.

__________________________ is one of the biggest Christian online store in the world wide web. Go to website and type "Buddhism" in the search engine. You will get around 120 results or more.


World Christian Tract Finder
find a tract regarding buddhism,
enter Buddhist or Buddhism in the search engine


World Christian Video/DVD Directory
This website contains links to other Christian websites that offer Christian videos or DVDs. Type "Buddhism" or "Buddhist" in the search engine to search a video about Buddhism.


If you have any questions or need help finding a particular dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact


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